The Daily Republic front page newspaper article published on February 27, 1995 went much further then just locally in Fairfield, California, thanks to a service called UFO News clipping service. This in turn led to the Internet, which meant worldwide exposure. Some of the best connections I have had in Ufology were developed out of this exposure. My contact with the SG was one of them.

A gentleman contacted me a few months after the article was published and explained that he was a private Ufologist whom wished to remain anonymous and unknown. He claimed he was with a group whom was interested in meeting me and checking out the area for UFO's. He claimed they had thousands of dollars worth of equipment, which could detect all forms of anomalous activity in regards to UFOs. He also claimed he had a good connection in the Pentagon and that there was activity in the Upstate New York area, which involved grays mining some materials. He claimed he knew an activist who ran a research center outside of Area 51. He expressed a strong desire to meet me.

As I was slightly alarmed at the approach and information from this person, I had a tendency to hold him off at arms length until I could further assess the situation. However, one weekend he called and claimed he would be taking a drive up through the area and he would like to stop by. I decided to take a gamble and arranged to meet with him. The time we arranged was in the afternoon, so I was able to take care of other business in my contracting business, which was functional at that time. As I had planned my day accordingly so my schedule would facilitate meeting with him, many incidents prevented this from occurring. From flat tires to road accidents I was destined to not make this appointment.

My beautiful wife hosted him as he inquired and quizzed for all information he could possibly gather on me. He also left the "Whole Enchilada Document" along with a home video. The home video was of an individual giving a lecture at a research facility outside of Area 51 whom had helped build the simulators they discuss in this document. He claimed that this was his original and only copy of this document and he needed to get it back. Attached to it was an ink written letter with one paragraph which was written to his parents professing that this was a document he had authored and that he wanted them to read. He also left instructions to please not share this with the media or Mufon.

After reviewing the material I was not convinced that the cover was real. And after reviewing the material I felt as if this person was a strong associate of the SG and was basically, "checking me out". " Why?" was a question I had to ponder for a while before I would meet him in person.

As time went on, it was never requested to have this material returned. Further attempts were made to make person-to- person contact with me. I still avoided this though, for I had not pondered long enough. I finally made a trip up to the Trinity Alps for 2 weeks to air out, and gather my space. While up there it began to hit me like a ton of bricks.

It seemed to me that there was this need and desire, to bring this information into the public domain to end the secrecy, and possibly bring negative forces to a halt with this awareness. What better organization then one, which walked the middle ground between the New Age/Spiritual and Scientific/Academic/Public communities while hedging on the scientific side. Capable of being in the public eye, and doing so as a common person, without a heavy academic degree or any military background. I was either a rare possible disseminator of information or a candidate for disinformation.

In my next correspondence with this individual I decided to utilize a direct approach and discuss this theory I had. His response was ever so positive, and as he referred to this theory, he stated he had the connections to forward a plan, such as the one I was proposing of bringing this information into the public eye. One time he erred, as he referred to the pretense of "we", then correcting to "they", continuing on to say, "would bring you straight up to the top, and you would only be allowed to release certain information." As I had deeply considered this, I did not move on it as certain individuals talked me out of this involvement at this point in time.

As time passed and the mundane tasks in life distracted me, another wave of awareness and involvement began to occur again with Ufology in my life. This brings us into the current time frame where I work on a full time basis, out of a sense of urgency that brought about the "World Transition Project". Correspondences with my contact were productive and congenial at this time, and I felt as if I had advanced to higher levels as compared to a year ago.

Information was shared on a productive basis and a meeting in person finally transpired. I found this Gentleman to be a very congenial and concerned individual. He seemed to be for the people and the planet more then anything else. He also Claimed to know two of the members of MJ-12 and also one of the original founding members of the SG. All of these individuals being in their 80's were still able to hold their position of power and say within the SG.

My theory suggested a change was in order for national / world security protocols as they currently existed. A more viable and logical process would be as follows:

1) To identify potentially benevolent ET species or groups.
2) Establish mutual communication and understanding.
3) Develop alliance with identified elements of a positive nature.
4) Utilize guidance, knowledge, and group alliance for the betterment and
  overall protection Earth and Mankind as a whole.

This has been suggested by us in private 'think-tank' discussions at high levels, and was received amazingly well as demonstrated by Kit Green's (alleged former CIA UFO Dept. Head) comment of, "I whole heartedly agree with these most eloquent words."

Ultimately this has all led to the undertaking of our "Project Contact", which sets out to achieve the foundations of those goals. Project Contact 'Initiatives' are undertaken in contact cases where a pre-screening for benevolence is met, and current ongoing events are occurring. Though we do not initially discount a contactee's telepathic connection in such events, protocols are eventually aimed to establish the Initiatives 'documented contact' by external technological means. This will eliminate the human psychological component, as a considered variable, in demonstrating 2 way cooperative dialog and communications with ET or UTI beings.

Now on to the document! 

To Truth & Advancement

Steve Moreno
Founder & Managing Director