Note:  Following is a proposed outline of how such a system might work.This is not our final version and it will change as design structure is analyzed.We invite input, suggestions, help, or expertise from interested parties. Please contact us at admin@psi-app.com


A. General

Designs of the overall structure are to allow simple interest and educational reviews along with various levels of interfacing and involvement.  Structure is designed so that interfacing is possible from all types of individuals, organizations, educational and research institutions, along with even government agencies.  Primary goal is to create a working platform for Diverse participants to work together under, combining efforts and talents in research, fact finding, documentation, and experimentation, within the complete fields of Parapsychology and Fortean phenomenon's.

This participation ability will be set up in a motivated chain of command allowing individuals to advance up the ladder and learn the finer aspects of research and investigations.  Accredited training classes may actually become formed through this process that would become subsidized by the U.S. Government. Likewise,  at a certain level it is possible for an individual to make a living in his position, through a self sustaining, share of membership incomes in the Research Network Marketing Plan.  This will create overall a self sustaining and motivated membership structure which will not require administrative payroll funding by the Psi APPLICATIONS Corporation.  These details will need to be worked out logistically so as to adhere with Federal and State laws.

Main working platform will utilize the existing technologies of the Internet.  Participating members will be able contribute to overall efforts by utilizing computer access to the net or the possibility of Psi APPLICATIONS providing affordable 'Web TV' units may also exist.  This will prevent 'computer illiteracy' or finances from preventing desired participation.  Likewise an equally and more so active campaign will continuously exist extending a general 'non-web' outreach in all forms and manners.

Psi APPLICATIONS will undertake special 'one of a kind' projects, which will be of great benefit both in scientific data correlation and human interest.


All of the various fields of study within Psi APPLICATIONS are divided into Departments.  Each Department is a specialty area heading, which therein may contain appropriate Sub compartments as appropriate.  While it is clear that data and characteristics of various Departments will overlap, organization will occur in a specific way so a correlated cooperation may occur between field specific Departments.  A Head Research Director, whom specializes in that field, will head each department.  Under him will be several Vice Heads and many Research Directors to help staff and manage the various projects and endeavors of the particular Department.  Various Security Levels will exist in each department as outlined in I-C.  A rough list of various departments is as follows:

UFOs and Related Subjects                          

 Crop Circles                         Skeptics' Department Abductions             Quantum Sciences                                                           

 ETI                                     Earth Changes &Environmental               Recovered Craft                                                     

Cover-ups & Conspiracies


 Ghosts                                 Standard Sciences

 Poltergeists                           Edge Science & Inventions                          

 Haunting                               & Space

 Anomalous Phenomenon         Mainstream Religion & Common                                         

Weird and Gross                    Ancient Religious Documents

ESP & Psychic Abilities         Archeology

 Remote Viewing                    Alternative Religions                                        

Healing Applications

 Dowsing & Divining                                                                    

Wiccan LINKS

Magic      Spirituality





Fortean Anomalies & Events

N.D.E.'s & O.B.E.'s     (Near Death & Out of Body Exp.)

 (e.g. unusual falls of ice from the sky)                                  

Mysterious Lights ("ghost lights," Will-'o-the-Wisp, etc.)

Geologic Anomalies (ringing rocks, gravity hills, etc.)

 Lucid Dreaming Applications   


 Bigfoot                              Metaphysics


 Chupachabras                      Psionics & Supersensonics



C. Security Access Levels

There are 7 Access Levels to data within the entire system.  From Shell Level on up to Classified Level, generally the various memberships Type and rating will determine Access Level granted to individual members in various Departments.  This data Security Access design, is for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of research projects and investigations, so that rumor, misunderstanding, and fear do not become a premature by product of unresolved issues.  Once issues, evidence, and investigations have been determined to substantiate an acceptable percentage of rational Explanations, and hypothesis this information will accordingly move down the line, eventually to the Shell Level accessible by the general public.  Concept in Security access design shall never be for any type of manevolent purposes such as control, power, or greed.  Sufficient information of interest will keep even the non-member general public tatilized at the lowest level, the Shell Level.  Security levels are as follows:

1. Psi LEVEL I    Basic Members

2. Psi LEVEL II    Research Memberships RM

3. Shell                 Basic free public access, to web site, to stimulate interest and have a presence.

4. Psi LEVEL III  Research Helpers RH

5. Psi LEVEL IV   Research Bachelor RB

6. Psi LEVEL V    Research Director RD

7. Psi LEVEL VI   Classified, Government, PhD Experimental Projects, Sensitive Investigations etc.

D. Membership Design

  This interactive structure allows for research participation within its structure, from a grass roots level all the way up to a degreed specialist in the particular field.  Hierarchy is designed so that the following strengths will become ingrained through the very process of its operation.  Some of those strengths are motivation, tracking records of assignments status and progress as well as membership performance rating, multiple level security access to various department data levels, and the main foundation of the entire structure, an equitable chain of command, which is able to have plenty of assistance from the lower levels, while adequate levels of qualified Vice Levels are maintained for 2 primary reasons, 1 to maintain sufficiency in delegating to a limited number of Basic Level members, and 2) to be able to replace a membership Type Head, by picking the highest rated Vice within that Type.

Making a Living – Career Motivation

There is a motivation here that is integrated within the structure.  Design has to be analyzed to finalize the plan, but for demonstration purposes lets say at the second to highest level RDV up to RD, a member has the opportunity to create income for their time and efforts, as a representative of Psi APPLICATIONS, through receiving a percentage of all membership income, brought in after and through them, utilizing a designed down line structure which would offer and equitable payoff to those involved, while maintaining the integrity and strength of the structure and its primary purpose.  This will create motivation to work up the ladder to the RDV level, which means efficiency will be self created within to achieve needed ratings.  Ability to actually earn a living will exists within the various fields of interest in this method.

F. Special Projects

 Psi APPLICATIONS will undertake special projects, which will serve the community, mankind, and Science at large.  A few of these projects are outlined as follows:

1. Gifted Psychics Database –Gifted individuals in a variety of 'Psychic Talents', with a verifiable track record will be issued a rating out of a system established by Psi APPLICATIONS.  They will become registered in an accessible 'data base' with appropriate information and as inquiring solicitations are made of them from this Data Base, tracking of   type of services performed with results would be registered back in.  In an ongoing continuous fashion, world wide, this will over time accumulate a massive Data Base of Scientific Data, and as well create the first source to attain 'reliable and trustworthy' talents of this nature.  No more 900 numbers will be necessary to access such services.

Setup would be designed to weed charlatans out and create the first standard of its kind for credibility.  Various services would range from Dowsing, Clairvoyance, Healing Arts, Remote Viewing, etc…A  small fee would be charged for registration and access to the Data Base.  This would serve the medical community and as well Law Enforcement, for healing assistance and ailment sensing and location of missing persons etc.

2. Organization Database - All organizations involved in 'New Age', Spiritual, Metaphysical, Fortean, 'Cultish', realms would be mapped and rated same as in the Gifted Psychics Database.  This will create a 1-point source for reference, monitoring, and research of these organizations.

3. Gateway Project  - This project would involve a careful blend of philosophy and Science to explore Man's age-old quest to know what may lay beyond 'physical life'.  Elderly people and those who have ailments that are terminal in nature will participate.  The goal will be to create a contusiveand creativeAtmosphere to accept the 'end of life' and participate in a scientific venture to establish potential 'spiritual awareness' in preparation for this.  A random generated & computerized code would be issued to these participants to attempt to create a methodology that may demonstrate a proof of sorts, as communication back after death, through a variety of methods, may show this as truth.  The first conscious and scientific exploration and attempted mapping of the 'other dimensional' space will offer respite, hope, and a new energy to all involved.

4. ETI Outreach – This project will involve ongoing efforts to establish contact and peaceful relations with any potential ETI that may exist in any manner or form.  This would be done through a variety of means both technical and 'Psychic' in nature.

5. International Commonalities – This would involve a International World outreach to educate, unite, and bridge the gaps between cultures by emphasizing our common heritages and paths we are all on as people of the same Earth in dire need of our ability to unite and grow as one.  It will stress shedding our old skins while creating a new common future for our children to grow within this new vein.




A. Group

Psi Applications has designed its membership structure with 2 primary groups of memberships.These are Participant and Non-Participant.

 1.Participant Memberships -are designed for active research involvement and can also be voting.

2. Non-Participant Memberships - are designed for review and information and are non-voting.There is only one Participant membership Type that is non-voting.  It is the beginning participant level of Research Helper, allowing a novice or person with little or not experience, but who has an interest to become involved, learn and potentially move up the ladder, to possibly even make a career at the investigative research level, or even in a Board Position.

B. Types

There are different Types of memberships within the two Primary Groups as follows There are 3 different Types of memberships in the Participant Group.There are 2 different types of memberships in theNon-Participant Group. They are listed below from lowest too highest.Benefits are all inclusive the hierarchy up the ladder of all from lower memberships down the ladder. Only ones listed up ladder are difference or additional.

1. Non-Participant Types

1) Basic

 a. Mostly for people who have no Internet access.  However, they would still have access to Psi Level I.

 b. Benefits – receives ¼ ly Journal Psi LEVEL I Data Access

c. Cost -

2)RM Research Membership

 a. For those whom do have Internet access.

b. Benefits – Psi LEVEL II Data Access, can register comments, ideas, input, etc.

c. Cost -

2. Participant Types

1) RH Research Helper,

a. Entry level opportunity to assist and participate in research. Rated training position.Takes all lower end tasks off the schedule of RB's. From running errands, to what ever they might be qualified to do.

b. Non-Voting Type

 c. Benefits – Psi LEVEL III Data Access

d. Cost -

2) RB Research Bachelor

a. With proper rating can vote.  Handles data searches, tasks assignments, field checks, Interviews, basic detective work, etc.

b. Benefits – Psi LEVEL IV Data Access

c. Qualifications

d. Cost -

3) RD Research Director

a.Responsible for production of article for Journal in their respective Department. Correlate Research assignments.Track progress of assignments and manage accordingly. Report to RDH with info. Help to interpret data looking for patterns etc.



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