PARANORMAL STUDIES MESSAGE BOARDS                   (Sponsored by PASS Foundation)

 To review discussion threads or post on a variety of topics related to the fields, you need to complete an easy registration process. This provides access to your own control panel where you can set the parameters of your presence in the board's various forums. This also includes some beneficial and useful tools that can be used. This forum is one of the best organized with a structure that is most conducive to a productive dialog in these associated fields..



Executive Director Bill Hamilton's latest new forum. So new it hasn't even been used yet. We recommend this board for getting in on the ground floor as its bound to be one of the best given Bill's respected background and connected associations


              ABOVE TOP SECRET DISCUSSION & INTERACTION BOARDS                                                                                            An excellent assembly of a vast array of high end discussion boards covering a wide spectrum of topics associated with the paranormal fields. Good for anyone from novice to pro. Can view posts without joining, but will need to join to post. There are also interactive participating research forums. These boards have ongoing major activity on a continuous basis and are highly recommended.  

                                                                                                     PHENOMENA MAGAZINE’S MESSAGE BOARD                                                                                                       An easy to use board with moderate activity covering an array of associated topics related to paranormal phenomena.