In June and July of 2003 three crop formations occurred in Solano County, home of Psi APPLICATIONS, just north of the San Francisco Bay Area. ‘Rockville Circle’, the most notable of all 3 recieved world wide recognition as folks flocked from all corners of California to see this formation, as the enigma became embroiled in controversy over a group of boys who eventually laid claim to creating the formation.  The problem was there were witnesses that lived across the street who never say any ‘circle maker’ activity the evening of it’s creation, and after an intensive 6 month scientific investigation, led by Psi APPLICATIONS, all results were off the charts as positive for an authentic formation. Additionally major anomolous factors were also documented in one of the other formations as well, a record breaking ‘Insectoid’ type Crop Circle deep in the middle of an 8’ high corn field. This documentation was done in tandum, and with the cooperation of, scientist back in Michigan as Psi APPLICATIONS conducted one of the first live telecast from the field in Vacaville. All of this data was successfully released through a ‘first ever’, main stream ‘National Press Conference’ on December 5th, of 2003, held by Psi APPLICATIONS. For all the in-depth data and scientific findings of this case file see:





Psi APPLICATIONS presents the factual findings from its ongoing investigation of this dynamic case. Relevant documentation and expanded information are linked for the reader's review. Video clips of recent activity at the ranch are also included. The full case file report, documentation, and associated video series can be accessed at the following link: Gilliland / Mt. Adams Investigation.