Psi APPLICATIONS is being restructured and undergoing many changes to facilitate future growth and networking. We are seeking volunteers in all aspects of this development process, its implementation, and ongoing management. We are also seeking qualified individuals to serve on our Advisory Board from a variety diciplines such as academic, scientific, media, technical, web development etc.... to assist us as archetects, consultants, and developers in implementation and the ongoing management of Psi APPLICATIONS overall operations

We are also seeking volunteers to help us with research, investigations, and special projects. We are also seeking investigators and researchers to help with ongoing cases.Experience is helpful but not required. Only a desire and an interest are necessary to participate. We can train if necessary.

Please send us an email through the link below informing us of what your interest is and any special talents or capabilities you may have. We will be sure to get back to you to discuss the possiblities. Thank you for your interest.