After much contemplation, and due to intensive workloads that are better focused where they will serve a higher purpose, Prophet Yahweh’s case file has been temporarily placed on the back burner until a future time when resources permit.  For any further information or background for research purposes please feel free to contact us.


POST DATE 5-04-05   


Psi APPLICATIONS is proud to announce that Board Members Ed Komarek & Director Steve Moreno have receive appointments to serve on the Boards of the newly launched EXOPOLITICS INSTITUTE. Exopolitics is the study of the interactions and dynamics between off planet cultures and our own, and is a relatively new field of study emerging out of earlier UFO/ET studies. 

The EXOPOLITICS INSTITUTE was created by Dr. Michael E. Salla, an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution and US foreign policy, and author/editor of five books, the latest of which is his groundbreaking ‘Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence’ (Dandelion Books, 2004). This work presents a scholarly framework for understanding the political implications surrounding the extraterrestrial presence. He holds a PhD in Government from Queensland University, Australia and has held many high academic appointments in substantial institutions including the ‘Center for Global Peace’.            

Ed Komarek is serving on the GOVERNING BOARD OF DIRECTORS and will help to steer the institute into a successful direction given his prior experience being one of the original founders of the former organization ‘Operation Right To Know’ (ORTK). ORTK was successful as a mainstream press activist organization back in the 70’s keeping the journalistic investigative ‘flame of interest’ firmly kindled during a time when it was in danger of being extinguished.  Check out Ed Komarek’s blog at the EXOPOLITICS site. Its a worthy read.                                                                      

Director Steve Moreno is serving on the ADVISORY BOARD, receiving notable support and recognition in the institutes Special Programs section for Project Contact’s Peru/Rahma Initiative.                                                                                                    

We consider this to be major alliance with strategic networking and support. We shall do our very best to serve the EXOPOLITICS INSTITUTE and all it stands for.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                        Contact: Dr. Michael Salla, 808-323-3400  Email:exopolitics@yahoo.com
Psiapplications                                       Steve Moreno,    707-425-4382  director@psiapplications
P.O. 1681
Suisun, CA 94585                                         


December 22, 2005 - Suisun, CA. Former Canadian Defense Minister Hellyer, has recently stated “UFO's are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head,” and further went on to assert “I’m so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something.” While his statements are being ignored by some in the press in the United States he is being taken much more seriously overseas. The Defense Minister's statements come in a long line of public officials that have spoken out over the years beginning with General Douglass MacArthur in the 1950's up to the present day. Even presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford have spoken out attempting to get the UFO/ET subject taken seriously.
See Edmonton Sun Article at:

The Defense Minister is a recent player in the new field of exopolitics and endorsed the views of Futurist Alfred Webre, J.D. who has worked on a Extraterrestrial Communications initiative approved by the Carter White House. Exopolitics, the study of the interactions and dynamics between off planet cultures and our own, is a relatively new field of study emerging out of earlier UFO/ET studies.               http://www.exopolitics.com/

Both Dr. Alfred Webre and Dr. Michael Salla http://www.exopolitics.org/ have been leaders in this emerging new field. Dr. Alfred Webre first brought the term exopolitics into the public domain and is working hard to integrate the field into other emerging movements like the world peace movement. Dr. Salla on the other hand has founded the Exopolitics Institute, which now has an office in Hawaii.    http://www.exopoliticsinstitute.org/

Dr. Salla has extensive experience and credentials as an academic and "citizen diplomat" http://www.exopoliticsinstitute.org/Institute-Founder.htm. He has conducted research and fieldwork in the ethnic conflicts in East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka, and has organized peacemaking initiatives involving mid to high level participants from these conflicts. His interest in exopolitics evolved out of his investigation of the sources of international conflict when he discovered a relationship to an undisclosed extraterrestrial presence. Dr. Salla states, "Exopolitics is a subject that should be taken seriously by everybody because exopolitics secretly is one of the main drivers of world politics and is a key element in the emergence of peaceful world civilization built upon a foundation of exotic new energy technologies." Dr. Salla only asks that journalists take the time to study up on this important subject and become informed before they make up their minds as to the validity of exopolitics. He suggests that journalists investigate the material at his and other exopolitics websites on the internet and help the general public to become better informed.

"The Exopolitics Institute will have its first conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations 
and World Peace http://www.exopoliticsinstitute.org/conference.htm in June of 2006 in Kona Hawaii," says Steve Moreno, Director of Psi APPLICATIONS, a non-profit research foundation http://psiapplications.com. 

Psi APPLICATIONS conducts scientific and investigative research into unusual phenomenon adopting a research principle of “following the data” where it leads. This organization made national headlines back in Dec. of 2003 at a press conference when an investigative team announced the results of a 5-month scientific study into three crop formations that appeared in Solano County, California during June and July of that year http://solanocircles.com. 

      Steve Moreno also serves on the Exopolitics Institute’s Advisory Board                                                    http://www.exopoliticsinstitute.org/Institute-Advisory-Board.htm#Moreno

      For further information, and or interviews please, feel free to contact us at the contact information listed above.xxx

Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference Report

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Day Two of the conference began with Captain Robert Salas (USAF retired) giving a detailed presentation on the Malmstrom Missile shutdown in 1967 where UFOs deactivated a number of nuclear missiles in Montana. Based on his experience and research, Captain Salas concluded that nuclear weapons are an obstacle to peaceful relations with extraterrestrials. In an enthusiastically received presentation, Ambassador John McDonald discussed the evolution of citizen diplomacy and speculated on how it might develop in response to the open appearance of extraterrestrial civilizations. Wendelle Stevens (Lt Col., USAF, ret.) described his research from over 60 years of investigations demonstrating the peaceful intent and activities of extraterrestrials. Dr Thomas Hansen then presented his Declaration of Cosmic Cooperation and drew upon his extensive peacework to describe how peaceful relations with extraterrestrials can be established. Neil Freer gave a powerful presentation on how humanity's evolution from a bio-engineered race created by extraterrestrials as workers, has led to the opportunity to emancipate itself from whatever dependencies are entrenched in human culture and genetic hardwiring. Philip Corso, Jr., provided an inspired presentation of his father's experiences with extraterrestrial technology and of his face to face encounter with an EBE. He described in detail how Col. Corso viewed extraterrestrials and explained the circumstances leading to the famous EBE rejoinder to Col Corso's question upon being asked to cooperate, what's in it for me? "A New World if you can take it!"

The final session on Saturday began with the conference organizers discussing the role of the Exopolitics Institute in sponsoring the conference, its goals of supporting exopolitical researchers, and the need for generous public support to enable the Institute to sponsor similar future events and to assist exopolitical researchers in the field. This was followed by the conference keynote speaker, the Honorable Paul Hellyer, who gave a powerful presentation on the policy implications of the ongoing cover-up of UFO information and the weaponization of space. He contrasted the future as a choice between Star Dreams and Star Wars, and made clear the urgency in choosing more cooperative relations with extraterrestrials.

The final day began with a presentation by local Hawaii resident and cetacean researcher, Joan Ocean, M.Sc., who thrilled the audience with her remarkable dolphin film footage. She described her research into dolphins and how they regularly interact with extraterrestrials and the impact for world peace. James Gilliland then gave a remarkable account of UFO/extraterrestrial activity around his retreat around Mt Adams and how many hundreds of researchers have travailed there to confirm his claims of ongoing UFO/extraterrestrial activity. JZ Knight then presented a riveting account of humanity's super-neural connections to extraterrestrials, and thrilled the audience who broke out on numerous occasions into spontaneous applause.

Alfred Webre, J.D., then presented on his Decade of Contact initiative and explained how humanity's preparation for open contact with extraterrestrials need to be built on four pillars: disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence; a ten year period of formal public education concerning extraterrestrials; the development of a permanent ban on space weapons; and citizen diplomacy with extraterrestrial civilizations. The final conference presentation was by Dr Scott Jones who discussed how our planet is in peril due to the domination of a few decision makers concerning extraterrestrials. He argued how the policies passed by a few have led to restriction of extraterrestrial information, prevented the abolishment of weapons of mass destruction and led to the head long rush into war.

The culmination of the conference was the final panel discussion of the Hawaii Declaration on Peaceful Relations with Extraterrestrial. An initial version had been circulated to all conference speakers prior to the conference and led to a revised version that was circulated to all conference delegates in the form of a questionnaire. After tabulating the results, speakers had two meetings to discuss the audience responses and decide upon an updated version. The penultimate version was presented at the last panel session and was open to discussion between speakers and audience. The audience proposed a number of revisions and after further debate, the proposals were adopted by the speakers and accepted into the final version which was formally adopted by consensus. This was a unique moment in the recent history of human awareness of extraterrestrials since for the first time consensus had been achieved on how to establish peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D & Angelika Whitecliff (Conference Organizers)
June 19, 2006
Further information:
" Conference website with photos and further details is available at: http://www.etworldpeace.com
" The Hawaii Declaration can be signed as a petition at: http://www.petitiononline.com/ETPeace/petition.html
" All conference presentations were recorded and are available in DVD format at: http://www.exopoliticsinstitute.org/Conference-DVDs.htm
" The Website for the Exopolitics Institute is: http://www.exopoliticsinstitute.org




See Upcoming



Speakers include:

Mystery Guest

Dr. Miceal Ledwith "What the Bleep" http://www.hamburgeruniverse.com/

David Sereda "Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs"

Neil Freer "Breaking the Godspell " http://www.neilfreer.com/SRINDEXPAGE.html

Wendelle Stevens http://www.ufophotoarchives.com/

Brooks Agnew

Alfred Webre

Nick Begich "Earth Rising"

Dr. Michael Salla & Angelika Whitecliff

James Gilliland

Jenna Dewan
Star of Taking the Lead & Tara

Sonja Kalckar

Mike Schultz

Steve Mareno

SDr. Janet Colli

Sabrina's fire dancing
Music: Mona Leigh Original Blues Rock

Mona Leigh "Comes The Light" "Angel Magic" http://www.monaleigh.tv/

Exclusive premiere, Bird's Eye View
Starring Cybella Clare

Star Dreams "Crop Circle Movie"
Robert Nichol

Other speakers to be announced soon!


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