Birds eye view of a 'scratched out' Solano Circle 6-04', taken on 6-29 by Steve Moreno.  It appears as if the farmer was in a mad frenzy running his tractor back and forth and in continuous circles, making absolutely certain any tangible traces of the formations original imprint and design were eternally erased.  I wonder if this shot may set a record in Cereology history how it demonstrates the madness that takes some folks over regarding anything they don't understand, which doesn't quite fit the accepted norm, causing them to totally eradicate any and all traces of it, so they can then eventually fall into a comfortable state of denial -that anything even occurred to begin with.
                               Photo credit courtesy Steve Moreno
        The following images are provided as a courtesy by Tharee Davis.
        All Images - Copyright 2004 Tharee Davis, All Rights Reserved
        Please contact her for further information at
                           Image above is of the outer perimeter ring.
Image above shows a perspective view across the perimeter ring.
Image above shows a ground perspective looking out towards 2 tramlines
where the tail begins its projection outwards, to eventually make a turn
towards the electrical towers on the right side.
           This image shows upclose perspective of the field's tramllines.
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