12/1/62 Building of the Crystal Ship Directory as directed by Ra Kahn     (CC1 4.10)
1/1/72 Jullen Brandbois has vision through his guide and designs the logo for the I AM Institute, and came to later recognize its significance in Canada. Jullen Grandbois   HC1-C
9/26/73 Aprox. 40 people are attracted by a strange midst and abducted onto a starship from sunset of 26th to 11:30 on the 27th. According to accounts by abductees "mind transplants" of Alantean era characters were performed.When they return they struggle with their original identities and memories. Roger Cattrel fromOttawa, Lee Martin from Tennesse USA,. Pierre Levesque from Montreal, Winifred Barton, Inez Smith from Ottawa: Stan Moore from Sandy Springs Md., USA., Sam Batten from , Bruno and Dot Harter from Ottawa, Adrienne Smith from Ottawa, Daniel Groulx from Hull, Stephen Taylor from , Scott Rice from Oregon, USA., ,Colleen Finn had become Mrs. Scott Rice of Oregon, U.S.A., and Helen Reid had become Mrs. Marcel Lafleur of Toronto. Lester B. Pearson Peace Park, Actinolite, Ontario, Canada (CC1 5.9) (CC5 5.12)(MC1) (UL1-A)
9/26/73 Wini lived at Mooney's Bay on Otterson Drive in Ottawa Canada at the time with her husband Earnest. They were both Civil Servants. Ernest had not been present during the abduction, and as Corporate Treasurer ofI AM was not amused.      (UL1/4)
9/27/73 Wini's explaines ET's operation's and their tech as, " They
interpenetrate our dimension but can solidify or vaporize at 
will and so can the Star Ships.The power perform this action on solid matter is by stepping up or reducing the VPS, vibrations per second, rendering it weightless, then restoring the weight of gravity. This was in part the cosmological science that was known to the builders of the ancient pyramids and monoliths before "the fall" of human consciousness." 
  Winifred (UL2-A)
9/27/73 Wini describes what the 'Cyclopean Eye' device was like as "Aboard the Starship, the "Universal Eye" that On had shared with
me had a focusing gadget rather like a combination lock. It was
marked off in degrees around the circumference by which it
automatically marks off time to be spent in the "Time Warp" or
"Cosmic Egg" or "Virgin Womb" of the planetary system.
Every 2 degrees on the dial represented a 72 year biocycle, and
the electromagnetic field which operates the clock system is the
conjunction of various planets. These are like a girdle around
the eye.These electromagnetic wheels within wheels or
multigears are the "Mills of the Gods" which run the Universal
System. In philosophy one of these is called the "Wheel of Karma" which deals with the final phase in the life cycle of a planetary specie.
  Winifred, Brother ON (UL2-C) (UL1-E)
9/27/73 Winifred describes 'Cyclopean Eye' as a time travel device and what it was like to see and experience other times. Winifred   (UL2-D)
9/27/73 Wini refers to the 'Cyclopean Eye' as "This is 'The Holy
Grail" the "Ark of the Covenant" complete. I had gazed upon the fabled "Crystal of Atlantis."'
Winifred   (UL2-G) (UL3-E)
9/27/73 Wini's describes actual process of abduction and what the ship was like as - " After the two beings emerged from the fog they firmly but gently escorted me onto the Star Ship by putting themselves on either side of me. We went up a ramp then passed through a raised flap-door into an elevation tube which took us to a large semi-circular room, a translucent aqua in colour.Then the escorts left.This gave me a chance to look around.
The room was about 40 feet in diameter. It seemed to have double walls with a walkway in between which encircled the whole room. There were two transparent sliding doors set approximately opposite each other. Through these doors I could see some shrubbery and a female figure sitting at a communications desk. 
There was a large, circular, lazy-susan type table somewhat offset from the centre of the room with chairs around it. I positioned myself on one of these so that when was sitting at the table I could see either door with only the slightest head movement.The communications desk was outside the door to my right. There was a bowl of some berry-type fruit on the table. I was tempted to try it but thought it best not to". 
Winifred   (UL1-C)
9/28/73 According to Winifred's account a "Space Brother On" shows her a circular all seeing monitor/screen, referred to as the 'Cyclopean Eye'. Abductees display shock upon return thru incontinence and abnormal behavoir.All feel imparted with a sense of 'mission' for 'good'. Howard Haimovitch, a dual citizen of Canada and Israel, and Julien Grandbois who lives in Geneva, Switzerland,Marcel LaFleur, then of Ottawa, now of Toronto   (UL1-)
9/28/73 Wini describes one ET's introduction as Brother ON.She describes what it was like to receive telepathic communication from him and how it affected her   Winifred, Brother ON (UL2-B) (UL1-D)
9/28/73 Wini quotes 1 ET communication as "Space Brother ON says "Man, do you want to go "Up the Nile on the Holy Barque", or ride with the jet_set?Take your choice people of Star Ship Earth. This new system we bring is open to public access and scrutiny at all times."  Winifred, Brother ON   (UL2-H)
9/29/73 Winifred's interpretation of the opposites, good vs evil, dark/ light, etc.. And how the Yin/Yang serves its purpose.Also what it takes in order to move between demensions, in having no disposition to either side and exist in 'stillness'. Describes the balance between Yin/Yang as Harmonic Convergance and compares it two 2 wheels of magnets with opposing poles. Winifred   (UL2-E,F)
9/30/73 Wini describes her interpretation of the 'Red Queen Hypothesis'. Winifred   (UL2-I) (UL3-C)
9/30/73 Wini states "Many years later, I realized that the event of the evening of September 1973 happened in exactly the same was that the Cosmonaught Ptah from the Pleiades told the Swiss farmer Billie Meier in 1975, as written in the book, "UFO Contact from the Pleiades" published by Genesis III Productions Ltd., "A single second in the timeless, amounts to many million years in normal space." Such was my experience.The correlation between the Cosmonaught Ptah and the Ancient Egyptian God Ptah, can be found in the claim put forward by Isis:  Winifred   (UL2-J)
9/30/73 Wini's view on 'time tunnels' & travel with mention of "Philadelphia Experiment."  Winifred   (UL2-L)
9/30/73 Wini quotes view of humanity upon return and one of the goals of the GFLF as "Afterwards the normal rational thinking of the people out in the world of 1973 seemed archaic.Space Brother On explained that each of the gods must clear the debris out of their own time tunnel to reach their brethren in the cave.This was a collective exercise for the Galactic Federation of Light Forces. The goal was to aligns "as above" with "so below." " Winifred   (UL2-K)
9/30/73 Wini describes Brides of Christ as "zenith of all scriptural and philosophical teachings God emerges as 'The Bridegroom' coming to seek his 'Virgin Bride'. In philosophy this is the story of Psyche and Eros.In Judaism'God's wife' is known as the Sabbath, the 7th Cosmic Day. The Hindu scriptures teach of finding GOD THE LOVER when Ego is transformed into Eros. In Christianity the final union the of the Spirit and the devotee is where a person becomes the 'Bride of Christ'." Winifred   (UL2-M)
9/30/73 Wini describes mental effects which she attributes to a possible implant. Winifred   UL1-B)
9/30/73 Post abduction experience and feelings of the 40 abductees Abductees   (UL1-F)
9/30/73 Reference to "Atlantean Firecracker". Winifred   (UL1-G)
9/30/73 Wini talks of abductees being assigned to personal teachers, and hers being 'Alantean Master El Ra Kahn'. Winifred   (UL3-A)
9/30/73 Wini discusses her interpretations as - "This 'inner light, Solar Logos' is THE WORD OF GOD, as St. John calls it. This radiance raises mankind to be a citizen of multiple dimensions." Winifred   (UL3-B)
9/30/73 Wini describes the jouney taken during the 20 hour abduction as - "In an absence of about 20 earth-hours I was taken to the 'Planet of the Crossing' to study the chronicles of 'Marduk', who is considered to be the Highest of the Gods, and is more commonly known as MARS, (Ashur/Ashtar in the Assyrian). " Winifred   (UL3-G)
1/1/74 Luc Leblanc is abducted by UFO at Brandon, Manitoba, and meets 'deceased' Inez Smith aboard craft. He has never met her prior.Upon his return he delievers message to Wini and others, at a conference he was late to, confirming his contact with Smith. fr Check on date of this event   psychiatric hospital in Brandon, Manitoba, where Luc LeBlanc had landed after being abducted by a UFO, (UL5/8)
12/31/74 Many people assemble at Gravelbourg Facility Center to celebrate New Years Eve party. Many of these people were involved in the original abduction in 73'.CE-5 event transpires as UFO (light ship) hoovers over building & numerous ET's 'party' with the ladys. Men all fall into a deep sleep during this escapade. Later, people who had been standing outside of the building said they had watched in awe, as a huge'Mother Ship' rested on the roof -and above related events occurred during that time.The Directors of the Center at the time of this amazing E.T. story were Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lyonnais.Having just completed his term as a full time member of the RCAF, Mr. Lyonnais was now a private citizen but still active in the RCAF reserve. Adrienne Groulx, who lived in Gravelbourg with her husband Daniel Groulx of Hull, P.Q. & their son - age 14 at the time , students from all different directions, including the East, West and the U.S.A., Wini & husband, Pierre Levesque, of Montreal, P.Q., Willi Ofusu  Gravelbourg is a small cathedral town in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. It is located in the fertile and seemingly endless prairie region along Highway 43, 115 miles south-west of the provincial capital, Regina.  (UL5/1-7)
1/1/76 Star Ship Builder, and fellow abductee, David Hamel of Gilmour, Canada, built the first viable Star Craft which he launched
out of Maple Ridge, B.C. in 1976.This was done from information gleaned from ET and the launching was witnessed by hundreds.Articles in local newspapers were written about this.There are pictures of this available on Pierre Sinclairs URL.
David Hammel, Maple Ridge, B.C. (EM8) (ORD2A,B)
10/1/80 By now the Star Temple on Coe Hill was beset with secret service agents. The CSIS/RCMP was gathering 87 TOP SECRET
please ask Adrienne or Melva) Our Prime Minister Jean Chretian was in office when the news broke in the House of Commons
in October 1980. It later became clear that someone had decided to eliminate the UFO Community that had made no
secret of arriving from distant times and places to openly settle on Coe Hill.
Winifred's statement Coe Hill, Ontairo, Canada  
10/15/80 House of Commons in it official journal (Hansard) stated that Coe Hill group was trying to steal government secrets for Aliens and that Wini had been to "Atlantis".      
5/1/81 Such was my experience at the Equinox of the Gods at Giza in the spring of 1981.The Eternal Eye opened. In just a fraction of a second we had this incredible iris connection. In one DLC I took it all in.In an instant I came to see the enormity of the blood sacrifice required to attain this stage of evolution....and prayed"Give Thine Angels -charge at last, to complete THE GREAT WORK."As I had stood in the Queens Chamber during the ceremony, I was drawn back to a strange room with peeling plaster walls. This room was completely SQUARE - the ceiling height and the floor were identical.I had passed through a wormhole. The Spirit of ISIS - filled the room. The Temple of Isiswas guarded by two angels -each 20 cubits tall. This horizon event occurs every 26,000 years, so I understand. This is how the ALL SEEING UNIVERSAL EYE - is extended across the Ages of Man. It is what the Sphinx is watching for. This visual perception took place in the brain after years of preparation had cleared a passage through the "styx"of engrammatic blocking. In this Act of Atonement at the Spring Equinox, we of Egypt, "Crossed over the Styx"into the "Coming Forth By Day."The occasion was attended by scores of prominent Egyptologists. Other members of the 13th Tribe who witnessed this immemorial occasion wereof ,of ,-and      
6/1/82 Sacred Summit Council meeting is held by 50+ substantial people, regarding UFO abduction in 73' and plans for recieving signals from a 'mothership' in the future. XYZ (MC1)
1/1/83 Conference held in Stanley Hall, Essex, England by Winifred Barton where she made statement of being the Executive Director of the Cosmic Changeover. Winifred Barton Essex, England HC1D
2/1/83 Barbara Marx Hubbard takes I AM course and Wini writes her a letter in response to her question 'what do you do as the Exectutive Director of the Cosmic Changeover?' Winifred Barton, Barbara Marx Hubbard   HC1D
1/1/87 Winifred talks of the Harmonic Convergence in 87'. Winifred   (UL3-D)
3/1/90 Wini states -"Roy Cadwell, Chairmanof the Lester B. Pearson Peace Park, gave Maitreya the deed to a piece of property on which to build a white marble temple, to celebrate the unity of all faiths. This would be Roy's crowning achievement. MAITREYA and members of his COSMIC WAY COMMUNITY, spent days in perfect bliss getting organized. At noon on March 9, 1990 we began broadcasting his world transition plan across North America. It is based on a common search for truth, non-violence and massive civil disobedience. (I later came to call it "Biological Anarchy.") After the first airing of the show Maitreya received a threatening phone call from the MIB, as was to be expected."       
3/9/90 MAITREYA& Wini began broadcasting his world transition plan across North America on a radio show.Wini states -"It is based on a common search for truth, non-violence and massive civil disobedience. (I later came to call it "Biological Anarchy.") After the first airing of the show Maitreya received a threatening phone call from the MIB, as was to be expected."       
7/1/90 Deaths begin to occur MAITREYA passes on.Foul play was suspected in his death as tests showed no logical reason. Not long after Syeda's husband - Maitreya's close confidant was also dead.      EM11
8/1/90 Many more deaths strangly occur. Foul play evident. xxxxxxx was OK at 3 am when he answered the phone - he was
dead by 6 am the same morning. He had penetrated xxxxx computer system and told close friends "It is the work of the devil himself." Within days of xxxx death the radio ooperator at Nominingue was found at the bottom of Lac Nominingue with cement blocks tied to his feet. The police called it suicide. xxxxxxxxx, very atheletic and in good health, 43 died in 10 seconds of a massive heart attack - he was actively checking the MIB.
5/1/91 SUMMIT MEETING AT DAVID HAMEL'S -May 1991  Andre Emmell, Garry Saunders - a fully conscious
member of the Order of Melchizadek, 
10/31/91 David's ship "Noah's Ark II" made a gentle pracise lift off on the afternoon of "Halloween" 31.10.91 right on Schedule. Present to assist were two Rosicrucian members and Robert J. Keegan, (Tut- Ankh-Amen).  David Hammel,Robert J. Keegan    
7/19/92 Wini recounts conversation with David Hammel.She indicates that Canadian Secret Service (CSIS) had penetrated the Coe Hill facility and information was given to them.Local newspapers had UFO headlines when tree tops were damaged and farmers saw UFO's around.     (ORD1A,B)
11/26/92 Wini states - "Local MUFON man records accounting that 'Crystals of hi-test urine' (??) were found in one local UFO crater-site about 1 km from my present residence- the samples were taken for govt. testing and the reply came back that not since Egypt had such pure samples been taken."     (ORD1A,B)