I.    Introduction
II.  Local Sighting Report
III. September Flap Stats, Data, & Queries
IV. Florida & West Africa Data
V.  Analysis & Assessments


The following research report was inspired by a sighting reported in my local home town area of Fairfield, located aprox. 60 miles north of the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  Fairfield is located adjacent to Travis A.F.B. My residence is aprox. 2 miles from Travis's main gate and I can actually view the control tower from my back yard deck.

This local sighting occurred during a 1/2 hour flap which occurred on September 1st from aprox. 9:00 P.M. to 9:30P.M..  Numerous eye witness accounts, details, events, explanations, and the interpretations thereof have occurred since that evening.  To this date there has been no coordinated correlation of these details and data done by any researcher or organization.

Additionally there appears to be related flaps which occurred on the east coast in the Florida area, and also in the West Africa region up to over a week later.  This report will focus on the West Coast activity but will leave an open door on these other related areas.  This open door respectfully invites the research efforts of other researchers or organizations to contribute into this coordinated effort.  Please contact me if interested.

This report's format will consist of information and data drawn from the efforts and work of other independent researchers and organizations.  Permission has been received for the use of other's work and full credit is indicated to the originating parties who produced it.  This report will be available to the general (non-UFO) public and media in an effort to raise awareness and knowledge of this event.



This sighting was reported to me on September 2nd by my 13 year old neighbor Ben.  Having witnessed the object the prior evening on the 1st, he handed me a detailed diagram indicating all pertinent information any investigator would begin to ask for.  At that point I had no knowledge of the overall events that had occurred on the 1st.

It was clear he was adamant over what he saw, and his mother verified his claim, in that she witnessed his extreme exhilaration, and also saw the last seconds of a dark object before it just disappeared.  She was vague about seeing this object however and without any other firm witnesses I could not help but be amused, and reserved, at the same time.  As with most reports I began by checking my online services for any other reports for that evening.  I was amazed at what I saw within 2 minutes of going online.  It appeared that some type of flap had occurred during this exact time across the 3 state western region of California, Orgeon, and Washington.  As I looked at my neighbor's sketch I began to analyze similar details and aspects related to other reports. I began to realize this was a very significant sighting within this recent flap of activity.

Click here to see the original report as accounted to me personally by Ben.


The next day I began my trek to locate any other possible reports of this sighting.  I contacted all local law enforcement agencies only to come up empty.  I contacted Lt. Seydel at Travis A.F.B. and solicited her interest in checking out the control tower and Rap Com for any anomalous returns or awareness of the issue.  She was interested in receiving a copy of the sketch with all details that were gathered up to that point.  My last avenue to explore was our local paper the Daily Republic.  They had helped me before in these types of matters so I initiated contact and got the ball rolling.

Lt. Seydel got back to me within 3 days with a negatory on any officially acknowledged radar returns or awareness of this object.  She also stipulated that it was not any type of craft which belonged to Travis. My only hope at this point was with the Daily Republic.  Through several correspondences they became aware of the significance this sighting's synchronism   with the anomalous events of that evening.

At that point in time there had been existing investigative queries with a resulting statement and explanation from N.O.R.A.D..  However considering some of the existing eyewitness accounts and particularly this local incident, it all didn't quite match up.  A major problem with the local case was its strength without a strong secondary witness, at the very least.  It was clear if this sighting occurred as indicated by Ben, that someone else most certainly would have witnessed its occurrence.  So in the interest of the investigation the Daily Republic ran the following article on September 17.

Click here to see the actual eye witness sketch and front page article.

Please note:

The D.R. article is in minor error in the statement, "These sightings were publicized on the Art Bell radio show 9:30 p.m. the night of the alleged sightings -- two nights before Moreno's neighbor shared his account with him, Moreno said."  My neighbor shared his account with me on the evening of the 2nd, the night directly after the sightings.

Additionally after further interview with my neighbor Ben, he realized his comparisons in dimensions were related to a football field.  He meant for footage to actually represent yardage, meaning that the craft represented in his sketch was actually 3X larger!

Online archives from the Fairfield Daily Republic. Starting April, 1999

September 16, 1999
Boy, 13, documents backyard UFO 
By Inga Miller


Bright blue lights reportedly seen in the Fairfield sky two weeks ago have once again shed light on that ever looming question. Is it a flying saucer? A rocket? Or a plane off its course?
Local UFO expert Steve Moreno says it's too early to tell, but that he won't be surprised if the craft spotted nearTravis Air Force Base turns out to be a UFO reportedly witnessed gliding across Oregon, Washington, and into Utah the same night.
"This is a pretty significant sighting," Moreno said of an account given to him by a 13-year-old neighbor. The 13-year-old described to Moreno an airborne craft flying 300 feet above. He estimated it was 300 feet long and trailed 75 feet of glowing blue flame as it sailed silently through the night sky.
"It's got to be either something the (Air Force) base made or a spacecraft from a different world," the neighbor told the Daily Republic. "There were huge blue flames coming out of a triangular object. It looked like it was heading for the base, but it wasn't like any type of airplane I've ever seen around here." Down the road under his own roof at the time, Moreno said he had no idea that anything unusual was transpiring in the sky above. 

The neighbor visited Moreno the next night to describe how the stars disappeared in a large, moving space, and how he could just barely see the dark gray craft as it moved towards Vacaville. It was stripped of all the regular plain stuff, the neighbor said, as if the color had been scraped away with a potato peeler, leaving pipes its only decorations.
It was Thursday, Sept. 2, and Moreno got on the computer immediately to see what he could find. "When I checked with my online services, his report correlated really well with what was noticed that same night through Oregon, Northern California, and even into Utah." Moreno said residents of Oregon experienced a black-out the same night, and enthusiasts have linked it to the unidentified craft.
"The only reason I've pursued this sighting this far is because a major flap occurred at the same time," Moreno said. These sightings were publicized on the Art Bell radio show 9:30 p.m. the night of the alleged sightings -- two nights before Moreno's neighbor shared his account with him, Moreno said. But Moreno stressed that he believed the account his neighbor gave is true. He added that two local accounts, one from Napa and another from Novato, were included in the ones faxed to the radio show.
UFO commentators speculate the UFO was part of a Russian rocket falling from space. But the young Fairfield resident has a different idea. He compared what he saw to the Blue Falkin in "Star Wars." "I ran inside to get my mom, andshe came out and leaned against the railing, but she didn't get a good look at it," the neighbor said.
The Tower Command at the base had few clues to offer, either. "Nothing abnormal was logged that evening," said Lt. Carie Seydel. Just two types of planes are housed at the base -- the C-5 Galaxy, which is a cargo plane, and the KC-10 Extender, a refueling craft. Neither fits the description of the triangular craft the 13-year-old described. 
Reports of bright lights and shadowy crafts are nothing new in Solano County. UFO sightings date back to the 1960s when hundreds of Rio Vista residents reportedly witnessed a red glow stream from an unidentified craft, the legend goes. 

Steve Moreno urges anyone who thinks they have spotted a UFO to contact him at 707-425-4382 or 707-249-7065. Also you can report a sighting here.

    The same day the article ran 13 calls came in. 11 of those calls were related to other previous non related UFO reports.   2 were messages with no return number, which did indicate multiple witness observation of the 9-1 sighting. However with no return call they remained unsubstantiated.


    The remaining call resulted in a very strong and credible secondary witness. The time and location of his sighting placed him in the projected proximity of the object, based upon its last observed flight path. His description mirrors the first witness's account in many ways, yet he carefully explains and examines any possible variables.  Ironically he is a reporter for a Bay Area newspaper. That along with the fact he has never had a prior interest in UFO's, and is well versed in conventionalUSAF aircraft makes his report very strong. It is clear he experienced something very unusual as he wasmoved to stop his vehicle despite the fact he was running late. This allowed for a concentratedstationary observation, so he could make sure this was not a jet or a trick of light.

    His report is further validated by the fact he revealed this sighting to work associates, when he arrived at work, later that evening.  Since their response was  humorous non-believing sarcasm,  he intended to not pursue it any further, and to just keep it to himself. However he was astonished to see the image and article on the front page of the Daily Republic 2 weeks later.  Similarities within the sketch and articleinspired him to call and grant me a full interview and report.  He expressed his certainty as beingso strong that it could bear testimony in a court of law. ( as an example)

    He expressed valid concerns over possible repercussions his credibility and reputation as a reporter might suffer. Yet he also expressed a willingness and courage to allow his identity to be revealed. As I fully respect and understand his concerns we decided to utilize his first name, John, with reference to his employer as a local Bay Area newspaper.  This will be the reference to this secondary witness in the general distribution of his sighting report.  However he has agreed to confidentially release his identity for verification purposes to appropriate queries, so his identity and occupation may be a checked out and authenticated.

    Click hereto see the original report as accounted to me personally by John.

    Click hereto see a map or the sighting area & objects trajectory path.


    With the exception of this case, all other activity which occurred during the flap, on the evening of September 1st between 9:00 - 9:45 PM, has been stated to be the results of the anticipated return of a  'Russian SL-12 rocket booster, item # 25761'.

    Upon initial investigations by Jerry Rowles, director of the MUFON's Washington State
    section, a Major Nouis from N.O.R.A.D.'s Air Force Public Affairs purported that it was a Russian rocket body item- N.O.R.A.D. catalog item number 25761.   Amateur Astronomers also detail out numbered elements which were anticipated in this event.

    Preliminary reviews of all reports filed from that evening, however, yield an array of activity over a 3 state area which seems contrary to falling space debris.  The majority of reports indicate multiple lights, flying in controlled formations, parallel to the ground on their own trajectories.  A small remaining percentage of reports, however, do seem to indicate what would be expected of falling space debris.

    Of particular interest in the reports is the common characteristic of a sparkling trail, or tail, which follows behind these lights.  Also a common characteristic seems to be the disappearing act, now you see it, now you don't.

    What makes this local case significant is the fact it appears to be the only 'solid object' which was witnessed at close range. Also it appears to be one of the only singular objects witnessed yet it has characteristics which were reported in so many of the other sighting reports, such as the streaming sparkling trail behind it.

    It is clear from the detailed reports on this local case that this incident was NOT a returning rocket booster or space debris.  It is also clear it was not a conventional air craft.  Only two possibilities remain, either a super-secret government Black Budget craft, or an extraterrestrial UFO.

    It is perplexes me to think of what the odds would be of this local event occurring directly during the flap, while having similar related characteristics, and yet being totally unrelated to all other events.  It almost certainly seems tied to the other events of that evening, yet it stands out firmly as the one wild card which will not conform to offered explanations.

    Perhaps it is possible that both events occurred that evening, returning space debris and UFO activity.  One thing is for certain however, it would have made a great cover story for any pre-planned UFO activity.

    Further investigation is definitely called for in all of this, and the story shall go on.

    {more work to continue.....will be updated soon}