Back in July of this 2003  3 unprecedented events occurred in Solano County, California USA.  Paranormal in nature, they were better known as  'Crop Circles', a phenomena with its primary focus in the England area, but recently manifesting here in the USAl over the past few years.  This however was the first time anything this substantial ever occurred in the U.S., let alone near the San Francisco Bay Area, right outside the ‘backdoor’ of Psi APPLICATIONS Home Office!  With the world’s eyes on this event Psi APPLICATIONS formed a scientific team and embarked on a 6 month investigation, finally culminating in an unprecedented main stream press conference where record scientific evidence was presented on all accounts, firmly ‘authenticating’ the formations as real.





FILE DATE:                                                                                                                         OCCURENCE DATE: 5-5-03 to 5-10-03                                                                                     LOCATION:  Gilliland Ranch, Trout Lake, Washington                                                        WITNESSES: Steve Moreno, Robert Mitchell, James Gilliland, Spar Giedeman, Giorgio Piacenza

SUMMARY:  A 1 week research excursion was undertaken by myself and associate Robert Mitchell up to James Gilliland's ranch by Mt. Adams up in Washington State.  The following is a report on the details and incidents that occurred, which are of significance to this ongoing investigation.  All witnesses listed were staying at this location throughout the week and can testify to the validity of this report.



    FILE DATE 11-10-00                                                                                                                                       OCCURENCE DATE: 10-31-00                                                                                                                     LOCATION:  Psi APP Home Office, Fairfield, Ca.                                                                             WITNESSES: Steve Moreno, Justin Moreno

    High strangeness permeate this report, as while taking my son out to ‘trick or treat’ on Halloween night - looking for UFOs to capture footage of was the last thing on my mind.  In all actuality it had crossed my mind  this would be one of the rare occasions I would enjoy using the cam corder for merrily a family event, my son trick-or-treating, and leave all the ‘psi’ stuff behind.  Of course my son had to don a very realistic ‘Grey alien’ costume for this event, and  as things would have it I couldn’t help but notice the strange behavior of a star type light off in the distance.   Initially I just dismissed this as a low to the horizon, Travis AFB Galaxy jet coming at us ‘head on’, but upon further observation changed my assumption to an undulating planetary body or something of the sort. As I utilized my cam for a telescopic view of the object things began to evolve as the object itself began to move in a clandestine fashion, as if observing us as well.  The few seconds of footage that was shot of this event with Sony 200 Night Cam, and what developed out of the freeze frame enhancements, is truly amazing. In the footage as I focus in on the object it seems aware of my observation and appears to take off in a quick unconventional evasive maneuver, with a ‘whining’ feedback sound being heard in the background. The resulting freeze frames reveal many different perspectives of the same ‘classic type’ saucer image as it makes this maneuver.  Considering the limited time of the shoot and the visual size of this ‘star-type’ object I initially thought there was nothing of value in this footage, however upon further inspection to my surprise this developed into one of our more interesting ‘home brewed’ sighting cases! Check out the in-depth report, mpgs, and enhanced images


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FILE DATE 3-11-01                                                                                                                     OCCURENCE DATE:3-9-01                                                                                                 LOCATION:  Psi APP Home Office, Fairfield, Ca.                                                     WITNESSES: Steve Moreno, Alan Wieblen

BRIEF: This report is of an incredible sighting which occurred, again within the local proximity of my home location, shortly before I went on Coast to Coast with James Gilliland on March 9th. My Executive Assistant, Alan Weiblen, had taken a step outside to take a break, and a brief scan on the night sky. He observed a silent red pulsing slow moving object toward our location. Making sure what he was observing was not a conventional aircraft, he finally came in to get me.  I went outside with our Sony Nightcam and spot beam to attempt CE-5 signaling. Alan had signaled to the UFO while I positioned myself on our roof for better recording. After he had signaled to the craft if stopped and hovered in one spot for aprox. 5 min. It then began to pulsate a red light and slowly move again. This is an enhanced freeze-frame from the video clip when that action begin to occur. You  can see the red pulsation off to the right of the craft. This craft was totally silent as it hovered and slowly moved in a NE direction, at an estimated altitude of 1500', until it eventually disappeared from sight


FILE DATE 10-14-00                                                                                                        OCCURENCE DATE: 10-12-00                                                                                   LOCATION:  Vallejo Historical Museum                                                                         WITNESSES: Steve Moreno, Alen Wieblen, Kimberly Fu,

Upon request of the Vacaville Reporter, and the procurer of the Vallejo Historical Museum, Psi APPLICATIONS conducted a haunting investigation in this location where many folks had accounted for aparitions and poultergueist activity over time. The following case details the methodologies followed in this investigation and some interesting results.





FILE DATE 9-10-99                                                                                                                   OCCURENCE DATE: 9-1-99                                                                                                       LOCATION:  Psi APP Home Office, Fairfield, Ca. & Western US Region                             WITNESSES: Multiple,

On the evening of September 1st 1999, at aprox. 9:00 PM a major UFO flap hit the West Coast with hundreds of reports of anomalous lights coming in from California, Oregon, and Washington. A subsequent blackout hit the Utah area. NORAD had put out a statement that this was the result of a returning Russian rocket booster. Totally unaware of what had occurred that evening Steve Moreno took a report from a local neighbor the next day regarding a 300-yard long triangular craft which was witnessed cruising silently, aprox. 1000' in the sky, behind Steve's house the evening of the flap at that exact time. Steve was amazed at what he found out when he checked his online services for other reports. In an attempt to find other witnesses Steve had a front-page article published in his local newspaper, which showed the eyewitness's sketch of this object. As a result of this a very strong secondary witness came forward, which validated the sighting. He just happened to be a news reporter for the next town's newspaper and witnessed the object approx. 10-15 min later in line with the stated trajectory of its heading. The following investigative report details out all evidence with transcribed eyewitness reports, newspaper article, and a map showing the objects path. We believe this was the only physical object reported out of hundreds of reports, which came in that evening. This object was clearly a huge structured craft and not a splintering Russian rocket booster. It had skirted the perimeter of Travis AFB and a nearby Naval Radio Station.




A vortex or spatial distortion is witnessed by several people Steve's investigation reveals what appears as UFOs in the survey photos. See report and photos.


Did 46 people get taken up in a mass abduction by a light ship? Soon afterward upon their return an amazing scenario develops, which appears to involve a 10 year ET/Human interfacing experience/experiment, between upwards of 200 private individuals whom gave up everything they owned for this, and up to 3 different types of benevolent ET. Ontario Coe Hill facility was under scrutiny of the RCMP & DOD, as positive results and even wondrous technology is perceived as a National Security Threat. Currently top secret documents named the 'Atlantean Firecracker' remain in the care of the RCMP. There is an endless trail of evidence and witnesses in this one. Biggest mystery is how did it remain an unknown UFO logies historical archives?



Psi APPLICATIONS is heading the Gilliland / Mt. Adams Investigation, and has unveiled some amazing correlation’s, that tie into previous research commissioned by the late honorable Dr. J. Allen Hynek. After several field expeditions and extensive networking we are in the process of creating a video documentary series, which unveils this most fascinating case. James Gilliland was drawn to the area after an N.D.E. (Near Death Experience) some 20 years ago. His life had transformed into psychic awareness and experience. A part of that involved contacts occurring in the Mt. Adams area with a UFO / ETI appearing presence. Research revealed a history, which has gone back some time documenting this phenomenon. Yet even after slowing to a halt in 1986, James arrival eventually brought about events, which were unparalleled in this documented history. The recent publishing of an article by Steve Moreno called Beckoning Contact has unleashed the truth of all these facts, and has brought about thousands of hits to our site. Plans are underway to further this investigation into an endeavor of Project Contact whereby we fully believe it will be possible negotiate a fully documented landing event in the near future. To learn more about the videos and how they can be purchased go to Psi APP Processing Page