Principles, Objectives & Plans

A General Prospectus

The following is offered as a brief general prospectus of what Psi Applications will become and achieve. This prospectus is offered for private use only and is considered confidential in nature. This prospectus nor any part of it is authorized for public release or use without exclusive written permission from the owner.

I. Introduction

Psi Applications is an ever-expanding organization of individuals dedicated to the investigation and documentation of anomalous events, including, but not limited to UFO sightings, Crop Circle Formations, and the paranormal.

Psi APPLICATIONS attempts to draw positive connections between the two separate worlds of the whole field of parapsychology and the scientific, academic, media community.  We bring these connections into the world to serve all human and physical existence, integrating valid research into practical everyday use.

Psi APPLICATIONS is the first networking center of its type for application of  knowledge and resources gained by its research.  We are accessible to all who wish to learn and to the public in general.  We promote the use and learning of any part of our various projects which prove to better the world in which we live.

Psi APPLICATIONS serves as the middle ground between the scientific, academic, and New Age communities. The New Age/Spiritual community consists of thousands of various organizations and individuals whom teach and practice a wide variety of metaphysical philosophies and teachings. They consist of psychics, readers, healers, channels, and dowsers, to name a few. Their organizations range from nonprofit foundations and churches to specific orders.  Many are well organized and respected with thousands of members. There are also many that are fraudulent charlatans, and have no basis of reality at all.

Psi APPLICATIONS works with each of these communities to form mutual relationships for the benefit of all.  Psi Applications  conducts its research from a substantiating, instead of debunking, position in order to promote positive contact with these communities. While a valid networking and referral center will be created, charlatans and fraudulent representations will be exposed.

Psi APPLICATIONS has a very solid connection with the scientific and academic communities as well. Universities have recently eliminated accredited Ph.D. degrees in parapsychology but continue to offer degrees under different headings.  Most border on Psychology degrees as the trend slowly merges the two fields. Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove holds the only accredited Ph.D. degree ever given in Parapsychology.  Dr. Mishlove runs the Intuition Network, is the author of two books, and has been involved in research projects throughout the world. He is a trusted associate whom I consult with from time to time.

Lloyd Auerbach holds a Masters in Parapsychology and is the author of two books.  He currently heads the Office Of Paranormal Investigations. He is also President of the Magicians Society and is well versed in all manners of "sleight of hand" illusions. He has investigated many famous haunting and poltergeist phenomena. He acts as a consultant for such shows as Encounters and Sightings and has extensive media contacts and experience. He  supports the Psi Applications venture by acting as a consultant and adviser.

Psi APPLICATIONS also has contacts with the Skeptics Society of which the Great Randi is national president. The Skeptics Society is derived from the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Their basic goal sometimes appears to be 'debunk.'   However, our viewing of their protocols required for acceptable documentation will aid in setting up proper controls for Psi testing. It is our goal to have an acceptable and proper presentation of information gained, to be made available to mainstream society.

Psi APPLICATIONS also networks and obtains memberships with existing organizations that are involved in credible and similar research. For instance within the UFO field Mufon (Mutual UFO Network) and Skywatch International are two such organizations, that provide worldwide platforms for the networking of scientists, academics, and the public as well.  I have maintained established relationships within the top ranks of these organizations and occasionally share pertinent information as needed.   Additionally I  have acted as a field investigator and consultant for Mufon's State Section Director in the Solano County area.

Involvement and participation in all forms of the media are also maintained for the purpose of disseminating information and educating the public at large.  I once CO-hosted on Cable Radio Network's "U.F.O. Report" hosted by Joe Dale. I have also served as a consultant and appeared on local T.V. news segments.   As well articles have been featured on the foundation and ongoing investigations in local newspapers.

Psi APPLICATIONS is a legal California and Federally approved nonprofit foundation.  We are in hopes to be in full gear with the beginning of the New Millennium.

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II. General Philosophy

Religion & Spirituality- Psi Applications is a non religious group.  However, its philosophy and doctrines encompass all faiths in many forms.  Psi Applications seeks the services of experts in various religious scripts of the world. Connections between the entire realm of the unknown, and phenomena associated with it, are examined to determine possible relationships to existing religions. All faiths are recognized as an integral part of  all.  The true meaning and existence of  "spirit" is a goal to ascertain within our investigations, and is considered to be a common objective for all religions.  Psi Applications will not endorse or serve any particular faith, however at a future point we may assist to create a stage for the universal union of all religions into one 'understanding'.  Psi Applications endeavors to examine and understand what exists beyond the acknowledged physical universe, and draw positive connections and applications across to mankind.

Psi Applications acknowledges and accepts all who are in the spiritual, metaphysical, and New Age circles that represent the betterment of mankind in any way or form.  With links from psychics and dowsers to healers and clairvoyants, Psi Application's goal is to prove the authenticity of all existing Psi phenomena, working from a positive point of energy.  This will open the doorway for the movement of truth, while meeting the need for documentable, objective evidence required by existing science.

Science & Academia- Psi Applications accepts the world as a whole and looks to the human ability to learn, reason, discover, and apply all that exists. Simply put history has shown the "unknown" has always existed. Awaiting to be discovered by an inquiring Mankind, then utilized and applied by future generations.  The time line of all existence is infinite as we know it.  As such our current existence in this physical universe is but a sub fraction of  time.

It is clear the cumulative experience and applications of generations past have produced the world we live in today. However a view of human history shows that man could not foresee what we have today.  In fact in most cases it was only through blind ignorance and daring resolution that many new discoveries and truths were found. Most times to be brought about by courageous individuals whom suffered persecution and admonishment by the establishments of their day.

We must realize the same holds true for us now.  We must not be blind and confine ourselves to ignore all probabilities which don't fit into our current molds.  We can not completely encompass what our future may hold, however we can keep our doorways open and receptive to positive growth and adjustments . True science must always respect and acknowledge an endless stream of new possibilities awaiting to be discovered.

Psi Applications respects and acknowledges the scientific and academic communities as they currently exist, and will make all attempts to apply current scientific methods and protocols to its investigations and research.

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 III. Membership & Staffing

Volunteers solicitation is necessary for staffing and clerical positions until a strong financial base exists to meet the requirements of “making a living”.   Psi Applications looks for volunteer help from a variety of sources.  Examples include undergraduate students involved in human consciousness studies, members with specialized talents and interests, as well as the membership ranks of other similar interest organizations. Opportunity is also available to individuals in esoteric communities who demonstrate an understanding and awareness of current academic and scientific standing. Tracking will occur so that once the foundation is self-sustaining opportunities for employment will be extended to qualifying individuals with notable documented volunteer contributions.

While Psi Applications is accessible to the public in general, various levels of membership will be offered with yearly dues.  Members will receive a quarterly newsletter showing the progress of various projects and investigations associated with its ventures. Members will also be eligible for admittance to workshops and to participate interactively with the organization if they should choose to.

Psi Applications will also work in affiliation with various like-minded organizations serving as a central link for the sharing of data and research in  comparative scientific studies. The heart of the organization will consists of a multi-department facility utilizing the Internet as a central platform for networking and reaching out to grassroots communities across the globe. Many organizations will also become active members of Psi APPLICATIONS in this process, and may actually become Research Department Heads within their area of their specialty .This type of staffing will allow promotion of individuals and their respective organizations, while bringing a cooperative-specialty team under one roof.

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 IV. Investigations, Projects, and Ventures

Psi APPLICATIONS prime asset will be its existence as a centralized networking center world wide.  Access by the grassroots public communities will be a top priority.  As an international centralized source for sharing information and education in these matters, input of news, leads, information, and networking will naturally follow. This will give the organization the cutting edge on the new events and circumstances as they unfold, as well as being able to verify and authenticate upcoming claims from other sources.

As leads and reports are processed, protocols will be established and instituted to acquire data, research material, and necessary information for possible in depth investigation cases to opened.  Possible cases which will be processed may involve sightings of apparitions or ghosts, unusual happenings in homes, offices, or other locations where people witness anomalous events,  poltergeist situations where unusual effects are reported, spiritual and E.T.I. contact, etc.... The U.F.O./E.T.I. enigma and its related phenomena are a prime focus and specialty area for Psi APPLICATIONS.

Psi APPLICATIONS shall also serve as a counseling and referral center for individuals whom might be troubled or disturbed by related phenomena.

Psi APPLICATIONS will retain membership in many forward moving kindred organizations. Data shall be openly available and shared with appropriate organizations for their collective processing and analysis. This is to help foster an atmosphere for combined cooperation, which can only help to further advance research into understanding and applications.

Ongoing and archived investigations will be shared with various levels of memberships. Shared mediums will include updates and reviews of ongoing cases while also allowing individuals to become interactively involved to a degree. This will stimulate interest, creativity, and curiosity while accomplishing education in the process.  Overall as information develops it will be openly shared with the general public via  our Internet site, Town Hall Meetings, broadcast talk shows, and documentary video series.
Psi APPLICATIONS will create special projects such as a Gifted Psychic Database which will contain established psychics that have been verified and tracked. This will provide a wide range of service needs for a cross section of society from medical communities and law enforcement to the general public itself.  This will also serve for solid scientific tracking as all ongoing services will have document results, so a continuous data base will be accumulated for research and study.
The "World Transition Project" [W.T.P.] is another project vision of Psi APPLICATIONS.  It will involve investigations centering around the reality, or fallacy, of what has long been predicted and prophesied for 2000 years -- a turning point in humanity and our history.  It involves the monitoring and documentation of "Earth changes," current social, spiritual, political occurrences, and the extraterrestrial equation all wrapped into one.  Along with documenting these potential realities, solutions and contingencies will be formulated. Actual current time events which are obscured and hidden from  public view,  will be examined and documented to determine reality content.  Different versions of the W.T.P. report may exist from time to time, with the highest version accessible to those in the 'need to know'.


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 V. Investigation Protocol

Protocols and methodologies will follow existing approved overall scientific standards, with a few expanded exceptions to the norm.This will include a review of  incoming reports by first looking for natural explanations.  Anomalous phenomena will be investigated using scientific methods and controls while also employing certain accepted 'extended perception' technologies, such as remote viewing, divining, clairvoyance, etc.….  Files will be maintained in ongoing cases and shall include all documented evidence and data accumulated. Client privacy and comfort shall always be respected and held as a top priority.

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 VI. Local Media Coverage & UFO Investigations

The following section describes a series of events that occurred in my home town concerning UFO sightings and subsequent investigations which were undertaken.  Local media coverage on these investigations led to national coverage which in turn produced a cascade of positive interest in Psi APPLICATIONS. Many reports of UFO encounters, sightings, and anomalous events of both past and present occurred as a result of this publicity.

[The following is an article out of the February 27th, 1995 edition of the Daily Republic Newspaper in Fairfield, Ca.]
"Citizens stand by story of Unidentified Fl

 By Charlie Goodyear of the Daily Republic

FAIRFIELD --Some people just have to believe.

Following reports in January of an unidentified flying object, officials at Travis Air Force Base declared its   a case of mistaken identity, saying the object was actually a blimp advertising tax services. But not everyone is convinced. All of the people contacted for this article were adamant that what they saw on two January nights was definitely not a blimp, and not easily explained. All wished to remain anonymous.

"I'm not a believer in UFOs. I never had been. But what I saw made me think twice," said one Fairfield woman who swears she and her two teenage daughters experienced a close encounter. "I was driving home from Benicia on Jan. 20 around 7:30 p.m. after dropping off a friend, and as I headed east on Interstate 680 I noticed something all lit up," she said. "I took the Rio Vista turnoff and noticed it again near the Budweiser Plant. At that point I got a little freaked out."

Driving home through Suisun City, she saw the object again near Railroad Avenue and Sunset Boulevard. And when she pulled into the driveway of her home off Travis Street, the object, brilliantly lit, was floating above the neighborhood. "At this point I'm talking to myself. I said 'This is something the girls need to see' and I went inside to get my daughters," she said. The woman's two daughters, 15 and 17, were inside the home. The 15-year-old had thought she heard a shot around the time her mother pulled into the driveway. The teen called 911."I had heard a boom and thought it was a gunshot. But my sister had her earphones on and thought it was something else. When my mother came in, I went outside with her and there it was with two bright lights, like headlights on a car," she said. Mother and daughter followed the object back over to a clearing near Railroad Avenue. "It didn't make a sound. We rolled down the windows and we didn't hear anything like a plane or a helicopter. And it moved to swiftly for it to be a blimp," the younger daughter said.

When the two returned to the house, the 17-year-old daughter noticed the object following them back. "I screamed. It looked like it was coming right at us. It was so low and it turned sharply. It was really scary to me," she said. Two 19-year-old ROTC students had a similar encounter just a few days earlier on Jan. 16."We are coming back from Luckys on East Wigeon Way and we spotted it out near Lawler Ranch and Grizzly Island. We both got a little scared. It seemed like it was following us. "What convinced me it wasn't a blimp is that it moved too agile, too swiftly," one student said. The teens were significantly impressed and made a drawing of the object and told their ROTC instructor, Col. Daryl Nelson. Nelson, however, was skeptical and remains so. "I wouldn't put any credence in what they're saying," he said. "I'm sure they believe what they're saying. But kids at this age get excited by these sort of things. And there was no physical evidence to support their claim. "Still all of the observers insist they know what they saw. "I'm going to keep a camera in my car and keep an eye out when I pass by Grizzly Island, especially at night," the woman added.

After reading this article I called the reporter to inquire for more details and possibly the phone numbers of the witnesses.  He  explained that he would have to contact the witnesses for permission to give out their phone number to me. He also expressed an interest in the foundation and asked if he could interview me for an article. We deduced this might aid in drawing other witnesses out once they realized they could talk to a private individual whom had some interest and experience in this area.

Realizing the potential implications of negative feedback and ridicule upon exposure of myself publicly I had to think this proposition over. I had always done active research and investigation into paranormal phenomenon, and along with my own personal experiences all was kept on a private basis.  Psi APPLICATIONS had been like a seed in the freezer of time, locked away in my mind waiting to see if its fruition would ever be a reality. 

Now was as good a time as ever to begin its germination process and I considered this could be a good test market of its acceptability to the public in general. So I elected to move forward with the interview and the subsequent article which would follow.

A week later I was informed the article was coming out the following Monday morning. I didn't sleep to well that weekend as I contemplated what the publicity would consists of, and what the results of public response would be.I could only hope the reporter and newspaper would do me a good service.

As Monday morning came about I went outside to grab the paper. With tired eyes I opened it up and went into shock as I viewed the front page with a full spread photo of myself and the article. The caption under the photo read “Amateur parapsychologists Steve Moreno says aliens have been visiting the Earth for years.”  Before reading the article I felt I needed to catch the first flight out of  town- immediately! However after reading the article however I felt a little relieved from my first impressions. The article was artfully done and portrayed me as a visionary or pioneer of sorts. I would just have to wait and see what the resulting response would be.

Following is the article out of the June 16th, 1995 Fairfield Daily Republic:


of the Daily Republic

-Between the cold reality of science and the fanciful musings of New Age mysticism, you'll find Steve Moreno. A self described amateur Parapsychologists, Moreno, 38, has been interested in trying to explain the unexplainable since his teens. But Moreno, an independent contractor wants to do more than just chase UFO's or investigate hauntings. His goal is to bring skeptical scientists and free thinkers together under the umbrella of his fledgling nonprofit organization Psi APPLICATIONS.

"The scientific method, as it is practiced now, is too confining. You've got to keep an open mind with some of this stuff." Moreno said.
Keeping an open mind is definitely a requirement. Moreno has spent years researching incidents, logging thousands of hours of computer time, pouring through declassified files and chatting with professional parapsychologists and UFO buffs. "I know the government will disclose a lot of evidence in the next 15 years," Moreno said. "They aren't going to admit anything now about something they can't control. There have been several different species of aliens who've been visiting Earth for years."

His discussion ranges from the merely bizarre to the unbelievable:

Cattle mutilations reported across the country are supposedly the work of aliens who need  enzymes from cow blood to help process their digestive systems
*The Air Force has been testing borrowed or captured spacecraft at its top secret facility at Groom Lake, Nevada

*Psychic surgeons from the Philippines can heal tumors without surgery.
*And famed Israeli psychic Uri Geller, known for bending spoons with his mind, received his powers from extraterrestrial.

"I met Geller once and he was amazing. I saw seeds sprout in his hands," Moreno said. Closer to home, Moreno has experienced a number of sightings during the past 13 years, starting with an incident that occurred near the south gate of Travis Air Force Base in 1982, he said. More recently he has been investigating a number of sightings reported in January, trying to determine if the object was really a blimp as Travis AFB officials claimed. "The UFO phenomenon does exist in Fairfield, probably because of the base," Moreno said. "But I don't think Travis AFB is directly involved. They're not that type of base. Still, I am surprised they commented at all on this past sighting."

And no matter what you think of Moreno's personal beliefs, his contacts in the field of parapsychology and UFO investigations are bona fide. "He has a real interest in research and that indicates to me that he's on the up-and-up," said Lloyd Auerbach, an eminent San Francisco parapsychology investigator and author."The problem is that legitimate academics in the field are suffering from the New Age imagery," he added. "There are a lot of flakes and hucksters out there promoting themselves but not interested in what may be actually happening. And that scares off mainstream science."

In a world of tabloid journalism and past hoaxes (such as the English farmers who created strange patterns in crop fields using only a broom and wire), Moreno sees himself playing a valuable role. At the very least he is someone who will listen. At the most, he could help foster a more tolerant scientific and academic community.

"A lot of people have a Ph.D. to lose. I don't," Moreno said. "I want to help remove the stigma from these kinds of investigations. There is a whole area of science out there waiting to be discovered. Skepticism aside, funding is one of the largest hurdles for UFO investigators. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence organization had its federal funds cut last year.

Moreno's Psi Applications is a nonprofit foundation that so far has received donations from individuals. Contributors receive a
quarterly newsletter and access to a data- base Moreno is compiling of UFO groups, paranormal investigators and tips on government files. Moreno offers his own services as a counselor and consultant to people who may be dealing with the supernatural. He can be reached at 425-4382. While SETI's loss of its funding disappointed Moreno, he plans to forge on with his own research. "It really exasperated me," he said. "But with SETI you had all those scientists spending millions of dollars looking for life in outer space when it's been right here in our backyard all along!"


Within 1 hour phone calls came in nonstop..  People were calling from all over the distribution area with praises of support and reports on the current sighting. There was an overwhelming barrage of reports for the next week.  Reports on prior incidents and events were also rolling in.

No ridicule or negative feedback was ever received. To the contrary it was obvious there was a insatiable hunger and desire from the general public for a credible, investigative, open minded clearinghouse for reports, counseling, education, and help in these areas. In my estimation the test market for Psi APPLICATIONS revealed positive results.

The UFO news clipping service had picked up on the article and national exposure revealed a similar positive response. After this exposure occurred my best contacts and information began to come forward.  Not particularly on the local case at hand, but on the entire field as a whole.

Amoangst them was my connection to the Satellite Government. He actively sought me out and delivered a document and VHS tape. (incognito).  The document was entitled the Whole Enchilada which we were eventually given permission to publish with an anonymous author.  The VHS tape was a home video of Bob Uhouse giving a lecture at the Area 51 Research Center on his work with the S.G. building UFO simulators. This document is actively sought by other researchers world wide and has been coaborated with their information.

Other contacts involved a fellow in Arizona whom sent me endless information and further contacts. In that material was a book with the name of “You Are Becoming A Galactic Human”   This was my first introduction to New Age author Sheldon Nidle. Little did I know what a role this would play in time as I ended up exposing Sheldon as a charlatan in a test he agreed to after opening an investigation into his claims of contact with E.T.I.

One call, which was of extreme interest involved a report from an individual regarding a multiple witness sighting the same morning the article came out.  When he showed up for work at our local Jelly Belly factory coworkers noticed he was very distressed.  He had described to a fellow worker what he and his friend witnessed  in the early hours of that morning.  The coworker handed him the Daily Republic and told him to call me. This fellow made an emotional plea with me to meet with him so he could file a report. I did meet with him in person at hi s house and found him to be a credible witness as he was wrought with emotion during his accounting of the incident.  He had felt isolated by this experience as everyone whom knew him acted as if he were “half crazy”.  I met his wife part way into the interview and she seemed more concerned about his sanity then anything else. 

The interview was recorded and the witness drew a drawing of what he had seen. All of these observations lead me to believe that he was telling the truth as he knew it. Following is a short account of the sighting:

He was driving to work with his friend down a freeway frontage road in the dark early morning hours of that day, when they rounded a corner and saw several cars pulled over. People were standing out of their cars and looking up. Curious as to what was going on, they slowed down and observed a huge object just hovering about a 100' off the ground. They were stunned. They pulled over and walked over to the side where 5 other witnesses stood in awe looking up. The silence between complete strangers broke, as one witness shouted, "this is not a conventional craft at all, this is a XXXXX UFO!" According to his account, all witnesses watched in a state of shock, not wanting to believe what they were seeing.  Unfortunately dialog was limited between these witnesses and personal information was not exchanged such as job, phone numbers etc..  Instead conversation between the witnesses ranged from verifying they were all seeing the same thing to how they would maintain there sanity afterwards. Suddenly the object took off in a split second disappearing over a hill and into the horizon. Witnesses walked to there cars in a state of shock and simply left one by one. 

This report was recorded and a diagram was drawn by the reporting witness.  Again his emotional tone during the interview was filled with awe, disbelief, confusion, and even sorrow over the fact that his wife didn't believe him.   She stated that she had never seen him so upset or acting so strangely and that something must of happened.  As I counseled this man and documented the interview I was left with the overwhelming impression this man was telling the truth.  Substantiating it would be another matter.

With one witness's testimony it was basically here-say. He had no former interest in UFOs and was total caught off guard by this experience. Though I did not have a chance to do a thorough follow up and locate secondary witnesses, I did do a preliminary search for other potential reports on this event. I canvassed close by neighborhoods, policing agencies, etc. and came up empty handed.  I did not do a follow up interview his partner since he spoke Spanish, but in hind sight realize I should have.  I did check the site for any physical trace or magnetic signatures, however no other corroborating evidence was collected in these efforts.

With a little detective work and further investigation it might have been possible to locate other witnesses, however due to lack of  staffing, and an overwhelming flood of other calls this case was left open.  One would have to listen to the taped interview to realize this was probably a true accounting by this individual as he experienced it.

From February to June many calls, contacts, and information continued to pour in. All was of a positive nature.  I was asked to speak at several functions. In June I was contacted by the Daily Republic on another sighting with multiple witnesses.  Following is an article regarding on that sighting.  It should be noted however that the accompanying picture with a layout of  lines referred to as “geomagnetic lines” is erroneous and should in fact say “ley lines” instead, as pointed out by Joe Ritrovado whom is the contributing researcher in this work.

The following is the article out of the June 13, 1995 edition of the Daily Republic:

   UFO From Page One:

included people from the San Francisco Bay Area who reported hovering and streaking lights. Carolyn, a Fairfield woman who didn't want her last name used, saw something Sunday. She and her husband were driving on Interstate 680 at about 9:45 p.m. when they saw a bright light in the sky. "I was scared, but my husband tried to think of more logical stuff," she said. "We were near Read Top when we saw this perfect round circle, like a sun. There were big clouds of purple and blue around it. The source rose up and there were three spurts of flashes." "It was extremely intense," said Carolyn's husband, 37. He didn't want his name used. "It was extremely bright." "I'm not at all surprised that they saw something," Davenport said. Since midnight on Friday, Davenport has received several calls from Northern California reporting strange hovering and streaking lights, he said.

Solano County is prime for unidentified flying object activity this summer, according to Steve Moreno, field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network, an international organization. UFO watchers should be alert this week when many sightings are expected, he said. Joseph Ritrovato, a journal writer for Mutual UFO Network, correlated time cycles with existing data in past sightings and created grids on maps that show where presumed sightings have occurred in Fairfield. The grids reveal potential "ley lines" showing high concentration in the Fairfield area base. "Regarding ley lines that pass through an area, all lines intersect in the Fairfield area," Moreno  said. The intersecting lines mean the Fairfield /Suisun area is "hot" for UFO sightings, Moreno said in a reference letter. Moreno, 38, of Suisun City, said he has spent years researching incidents, logging thousands of hours of computer  time poring through declassified files and chatting with professional parapsychologists and fellow UFO buffs. He has seen what he believes are UFOs in Solano County over the past 13 years, starting with an incident near the South gate of Travis Air force Base in 1982, he said he investigated a number of sightings reported in January that Travis AFB claimed were a blimp.

To report sightings, call Moreno at 425-4382, or the National UFO Reporting Center's 24 hour hotline at (206) 722-3000.

I interviewed the witnesses mentioned and took a full report.  I continued follow up by questioning truckers at a truck stop, located in a proximity that would have had full view of the incident.  Several trucker acknowledged the anomaly and provided further details .Within 4 miles from the truck stop a mountain range extended laterally for several miles creating a natural division in the geographic area of the reported sighting.  I deduced it was necessary to determine if there were witnesses on the other side of this range as this could possibly allow for a more logical assessment as to the placement of the anomaly. 

The next day I canvassed for eye witnesses along the base of the mountain range on the opposite side.  There were no witnesses however there were reports of power outages.  I could now deduce that the anomaly was not any higher then the mountain range and had probably occurred on the other side facing the truck stop.

I began canvassing for eye witnesses along the other side on the base of this range, on a house to house basis.   A hot trail begin to develop and eventually led right to the source of this occurance. What every one experienced was brought about by a natural occurrence which evidently was amplified by existing atmospheric conditions, for it occurred at the exact time of eyewitness reports and would explain the behavioral nature of what eyewitnesses saw. Following is the Daily Republic article on these findings.


 By Rowena Lugtu-Shaddox



FAIRFIELD --A bright and mysterious round light reported by a Fairfield woman earlier this week may not be the 'X-Files" adventure some initially thought it to be. The woman and her husband spotted the object just before 10 p.m. Sunday as they drove on Interstate 680 near Red Top Dairy.


She described the object as a perfect round circle with big clouds of purple and blue around it. It rose up and there were three spurts of flashes.

Nearby residents who also spotted the beacon that night pointed Moreno to a possible source on a private road about a half mile from Green Valley Road.  Moreno said he found two 35 foot power poles with burn marks that would indicate that an electrical arc occurred.

This happens when power lines touch each other, causing a snapping noise and illumination. "If the wind was blowing or there were birds on the lines that took off and the lines touched each other, there would be an arc," a Fresno representative from Pacific, Gas & Electric Co. said Thursday. "We get a lot of calls of lines arcing. It could very well have been what people witnessed.

"UFO buffs have predicted an active summer for sightings in Solano County. Since September 1994, numerous people in Fairfield have reported bright streaking lights and orange points of light to the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, said Peter B. Davenport, the center's director. But UFO sightings are nothing new to Solano County. Some reports go as far back as the 1960s.


Take the town of Rio Vista. In May of 1964, some residents there reported seeing "a strangely persistent craft" to then Solano County Deputy Sheriff John Cruz of Fairfield, according to Frank Edward's, author of. "Flying Saucers -- Serious Business." Residents described the object as torpedo- or dirigible shaped, about three to five feet in diameter and 12-15 feet long. Witnesses told the deputy it glowed a warm red and moved silently, Edward's said. Cruz told the San Francisco Chronicle he took a look for himself on Sept. 22, 1965. Residents said the object appeared near a water tower about five miles from town.

That night, about 300 to 400 people stood in the dark on a hilltop near the tower and saw the object, Edward's said. The cigar shaped object glowed red, hovered, then moved slowly about 200 feet from the top of the water tower. Witnesses told the deputy that boys with a .22 caliber rifles shot at the object one night and the bullets made a metallic "twang" that caused the object to flare up bright red for a second, Edward's said  "But even this barrage did not deter the object from returning occasionally, "Edward's said.


To report sightings, call Moreno at 425-4382, or the National
UFO Reporting Center's 24 hour hotline at (206) 722-3000.

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 Lloyd Auerbach

.S. Parapsychology
     Director of Office of Paranormal Investigations
     (415) 616-4419

    Jeffrey Mishlove
   Ph.D. Parapsychology
    Director of Global Intuition Network
    (415) 256-1137