I. INTRODUCTION - The public outlay and offerings of this project are currently under construction, so we apologize for incomplete, yet unlinked areas! Please check back frequently into the future as we move to complete the initial project outlay and structures onto the World Wide Web.

A. Purpose

1.  To establish contact and peaceful relations with possible benevolent ET or UTI beings

2. To document such possibilities with full available resources, while making this information freely available disseminated into  the public sphere Worldwide.

3. To raise awareness and wisdom in a positive pro-active way within society.  To identify any positive benefits, which may be of service to humanity and the environment of Earth.

4.    There shall be no attempts deceive or mislead any parties involved.

5.    There shall be no attempts to use any derived aspect from this project in the usage or implementation of destructive applications or weapons type technologies.

6.    Overall guiding purpose will be to advance our knowledge both spiritually and technologically so that an ailing planet and mankind may reverse course to benefit in this process.

B. Primary Protocols

1.    To identify ongoing UFO events related to either a particular place or person, which have strong indications of a benevolent “living or ethereal” intelligence being at the core of its existence, in full implied control of its displayed characteristics.

2.    Initial case files will investigate all possible explanations and provide best documentation as to the potential as a qualifying case file

3.    3 to 6 month investigation process will occur.  Full documentation will be acquired showing responsive characteristics of the UFO activity to cursory CE-5 initiated queries such as spot and laser beam signaling, and responsive characteristics to any connected individual known as a “Contactee”. 

4.    All considerations will be given to not interfering with the individual’s effectual modus operandi and belief system, by developing a mutually beneficial relationship primarily focused on ascertaining the truth of the situation.  Highest ethics and standards will be applied in this process.

5.    A 2-way communication will be attempted utilizing a variety of techniques, which are available.  

6.    Communication will involve the desire to set up a future fully documented contact event with the intent of establishing peaceful relations and raising public consciousness and awareness to this in a proactive, positive, and beneficial fashion. 

7.    Dates and events will be set for this to occur in 4 stages.

1.    1st Stage – Establish communication with fully documented responsive flybys.

2.    2nd Stage – Establish a line of implied and understood communication which is fully documented and substantiated.

3.    3rd Stage- Establish a fully documented landing for duration of 3 – 10 minutes.

4.    4th Stage - Establish a fully documented landing and meeting for a duration of 10 – 20 minutes.




A. Principle

While Project Contact will seek grants, funding, and philanthropic support, its main focus for securing budgetary needs will be in its grassroots public support.  This will be done through the offering of 3 different affordable Supporting Memberships.  Since this project may be of substantial potential benefit to Humanity and the planet as a whole, it is considered to exist within the public realm.  Therefore Supporting Memberships for Project Contact will not be contingent upon membership in Psi APPLICATIONS, and will exist separately with benefits and interactive involvement as offered.

We believe the grassroots Humanity of this planet is more then ready for this information, and contrary to some 'think tank' philosophy, will overall actually massively benefit from becoming aware of such information.  There are extensive associated cost factors and budgetary needs, which must be meant to move such an operation forward with the full volition needed, to have a successful impact and outreach across the world.

So we ask and encourage you to be a brave individual, who recognizes the virtue and necessity in this noble cause.   It is time for us to unite as One Planet and pull ourselves out of our own ignorance and vanity, which currently has our planet in a strangle hold.  It is time to face the truth without denial, for it shall exist no matter what our perceptions of it may be.

B. Become a Supporting Member

So please participate and show your support for this unequivocal grassroots effort, by purchasing one of the following Supporting Memberships.  Memberships are renewable yearly and offer the following benefits.

1.    Basic Supporting Membership -  $20/year   Member receives private release updates on the status of various ongoing Project Contact Initiatives.  Access to Project Contacts Members Only area.

2.    Interactive Supporting Membership - $50/year Member receives all above + is able to participate in ongoing chat sessions and conferences with teams involved in individual initiatives, providing the opportunity for participating input.

3.    Participating Supporting Membership -$100/year Member receives all above + is able to participate and becomes a contributing team member in individual research Initiatives.

4.    Beneficiary Supporting Membership - $1000/Year Member receives all above + is able to sponsor and head their own case file Initiative under Psi App.’s guidance and protocols.

5.    Lifetime Supporting Beneficiary - $5000 one time donation - Lifetime membership receiving all above + access and input permitted in ongoing confidential Initiative case files, as they are progress and develop.

Memberships secured at our Psi APPLICATIONS Processing Page in the Resources Section.


C. Offer Professional & Technical Support

This will become the highest requirement that must be met, as there will be an array of specialty requirements and expertise needing to be met to accomplish the mission at hand. If you have any abilities, scientific degrees, or professional networking associations, which may offer support in accomplishing this vitreous cause, please contact us.

This projects ultimate success will depend on each individuals own inner recognition of this calling, followed by their subsequent inspired follow through, to network with us and offer voluntary assistance of this nature. Below is a small list of these types of specialty areas, however anyone whom can fathom the scope of this project will realize the list extends into many other areas as well.

1.    Global Media & Journalistic Assistance / Outreach

2.    Wireless / Satellite Communications - Broadcast Systems

3.    Internet Networking Platform Integrations

4.    Global U.N. & Political Networking

5.    Exobiological, Physics (quantum), Optical, Astronomical, Para psychological, scientific networking, support, guidance and assistance.

6.    Psychological Doctorate overview & assistance

7.    Global Educational / University Outreach & Networking

8.    Global Military / Intelligence Advisory & Outreach

9.    Global Faiths & Religions Representatives / Advisors / Outreach

10. Global & Beyond Linguistic Translators & Scientific Expertise

Please, don't hesitate. Take your own initiative to offer your own specialized talent or expertise, which will be needed for this project's success. Together we can insure the sustainable future of our children, and the advancement of Mankind on our precious planet Earth! Contact Steve Moreno at or via landline at 707-425-4382.




A. Mt. Adams / Gilliland Initiative -  See  Beckoning Contact to learn more.

B.  Prophet's Initiative -

C. Mt. Popo, Mexico