Relationships : Galactic Federation of Light Forces, Genesis II, & Mothership Communiques

Version 1:1 1/17/00 by Steve Moreno

This investigation has been organized into an Excell database, one page as a chronological timeline outlining events, a page for involved people, a page for associated technology & devices, and another for all hard copy documentation (news paper articles, letters, legal documents, pictures, etc...associated with this group and theirclaims, going back to 1962. Because of the overwhelming nature and preponderance of evidence, and associated witnesses/participants, I decided this was the best way to lay it out. Cross correlation's are easily made and links are set upto hard copy documentation I have scanned and placed up on my web site. There is still much work to bedone beforeit is released for public consumption before the years end.

I have been entrusted by the main group of witnesses to carry forward this investigation, with their testimonyand further documentation and evidence as needed. This entire scenario began back in 73' when a 'mass abduction' of over 40 people occured. This is all very well documented. The ET's seemingly had a plan for this group as a core fora much larger contingent of individuals to interface, exchange, and possibly grow in a positive fashion.

There were many substantial individuals and organizations which appeared to be aware of this experimental interfacing, between hundreds of private individuals and the E.T.'s in a controlled private setting.. The results were so positive that many of the enlightened' individuals began to spread the word out to the entire planet. Technology wasbeing released to us which literally staggered the mind. Certain elements from D.O.D. and the Canadian Secret Service considered this a national security threat, and eventually they shut the entire operation down. Several individuals "in the know" were allegedly killed in that process. All the rest scattered
into hiding across the planet.

Please understand that the main abductees/witnesses were vastly affected by this experience. They experienced the furthest edge and beyond of 'super reality', within and beyond this physical plane. Therefore they are doing theirbest to move forward with their lives and the reality of that past. Many still remain affected by the experience as they try to move forward the best intentions of what the plan was. Basically the plan was for world unity, and for a benevolent E.T. group to unveil itself , and accept humanity into its organization. (Major National Security Threat !)

Winifred Barton is a key witness/participant and is very outspoken. Though to many she may sound like a 'crack-pot', there are a great many more whom gravitate to her teachings and 'ramblings'. Her past is extremely interesting and her background may well place her as one of the world's last authentic experts on metaphysics and para-normal realities. I have the utmost respect and admiration for her courage, and will to move forward with what she believes to be positive solutions for an ailing planet. Back in time, documentation shows she was well respected and acknowledged by major players in the world arena. Recently since the cover-up she has played the role of the 'crazy-lady', which has aided in her ability to survive and remain alive.

Winfred is an experiencer of the furthest realms, and as such she has laid out what has been imparted to her in thebest way that any such human could. The 6 Days refers to a time period in which a complete interfacing and 'adjustment' of humanity could occur, to meld with the hierarchy of this advanced E.T. group. I still have yet to resolve if this was actual communication from the E.T.'s or her interpretation of their intentions.

Dealing with contactees in the investigative arena is a tricky proposition. You must understand the reality of theexperience from their perspective to gain their trust - and the 'real' testimony. If a contactee senses your or skeptical scrutiny, they will crawl in their shell and never come out again. If I find that such a contactee is involved in outright fraud they are exposed. My initial intention is not to 'debunk', but instead to 'distill' towardsthe truth. Such individuals as Sheldon Nidle (alleged contactee) have been exposed by me. Sheldon was issued a test which he publicly agreed to take. He never did and avoided it like the plague when pursued.  This test is unveiled on our site and still stands.

There are many hot witnesses within this particular investigation, which any aspiring investigator can easily trackdown. I have talked to several of the main participants on both sides (including cover-up). Key witnesses involved"in the know" are very tight lipped and reference concerns which smack of fear, over violating possible pledges of secrecy they were forced into.

Alleged signals were received from a mother ship by world class radio operators utilizing special high frequency attenaes. I have located, interviewed, and verified from an attorney that there was indeed a farmer in a field whom heard these signals in his head, when he was out plowing his fields. He contacted this attorney to see if he couldsue, as he was gravely bothered by what he experienced. I am still working on getting this farmer as a contact, and possible 'control' over what the signals exactly relayed. According to my information the actual transcripts ofthese 'communiqués' were carted off when the entire operation was shut down.  Major top secret documents entitled'Atlantean Firecracker' are currently being held by the Canadian Secret Service. They may be released soon.

There is evidence of technology which was gleaned from these encounters. One individual actually even built an 'anti-gravity' saucer proto-type which was witnessed to have taken off and disappeared. He is currently being funded,and working with the Sinclair Corporation, and building a full size duplicate. Documentation and pictures of this can be viewed at

I also have knowledge of another cooperation which has designed and built an above unity generator, which was builtupon principals imparted to mankind by the well intending E.T.s. Other devices, which I still am in a cloud over,are the 'Cosmic Cube' and several crystal element type devices. I have been told that the Cosmic Cube was a devicewhich could literally cut through time and space, into other dimensions and times. Allegedly, there is a patent on it in Canada.

One group of the E.T.'s in these interfacing were often referred to as the Eloim. It appears there may have been asmany as 3 groups of E.T.'s representing a possible 'Federation' of many others. I also have proof of major political leader's acknowledgment and observation of this interfacing. Same for the Vatican in its awarness/approval of the operation.

Please understand that there are extreme elements of an etheric/paranormal nature, and associated 'high strangeness', within this investigation. This is the only reason I can think of that no other investigations are pending. However I feel in this field - that is where the 'meat' (possibly) is.  One must only have an open and discerning mind to find it.

I have found no hint of awareness of these events within existing UFO logy circles or its historic content. In my mind this is strange within itself as there are easy hot trails anyone can peruse to verify a possible real event. I am at a point where I could utilize the help of any interested seasoned investigators whom may wish to help. I have many trails and leads which need to be chased down.

In summary, I have a pre-disposed feeling that if these events occurred as my time line shows, then humanity passedup a major beckoning opportunity to become realized, accepted, and rewarded by a major group of superior, benevolent E.T.'s whom were here to help. They may have been associated with the prime most elements of which our religionsare based upon, and closely aligned, or representing what humanity might consider to be 'GOD'.

Since there is so much negativity within the world, and UFO logy as a whole, I have zeroed in on potentially benevolent E.T./ U.F.O. events, as a part of our investigative criteria. This is done in the hope that positive benevolent intentions, and contact, can be documented and identified. This is in part to raise awareness of the world's grass roots public, and to acknowledge any possible opportunity to 're-initiate' such contact. As well, to dispel any possible paranoia/fear which is played up by certain 'Black Operations', whom wish to remain in control of all weare allowed to know.

Small samples of the existing database are presented for viewing. These are only viewing copies and do not interface or link between eachother. In the actual data base documentation is much more extensive and tied together. I welcome any interested investigators to come on board. A non-disclosure agreement for the protection of involved witnesses etc. A bussiness plan has been developed to move this investigation forward, and an equitable opportunityfor participateing team members exists.

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