"Advisory Board members approve only of Psi APPLICATIONS' basic mission purpose and scope. Within their professional capacity they occasionally serve for consultations, and to also offer periodic advise and direction, as Psi APPLICATIONS' grows through time. They are not responsible for, nor endorse, any new content and developments as they occur."

DR.JEAN-NOEL AUBRUN - Science Advisor, Research Consultant
Ph.D. - Physics
Marjan Research
N.A.S.A. & U.S. Aerospace Consultant
email: mvjean@marjanresearch.com

MICHAEL MILEY - Press & Media Consultant, Researcher
Contributing Editor "UFO The Science & Phenomena Magazine"
Freelance Journalist
email: mmiley@pacbell.net

DR.CHARLES N. LIETZAU - Science Advisor, Research Consultant
Ph.D,  Zoology & Cell Physiology
M.U.F.O.N. Consultant
Independent Scientist & Researcher
email: clietzau@sprynet.com

JEFFERY WILSON - Science Advisor, Research Consultant
M.Sc., General Science
M.U.F.O.N. Consultant
Independent Investigator, Scientist & Researcher
cell - 734-891-2689
email: jwilson10369@comcast.com

Howard R. Olson, MA Ph.D Candidate
Medical Instructor
Silicon Valley College

Pat Murtha

Patrick is the Research Director for our Parapsychology Department and authors our Parapsychology Today Article. Hehas acquired one of the only Bachelor of Arts degrees in Parapsychology that we are aware of and provides a nice summary of what was required back then to do so. Patrick has been involved with Psi APPLICATIONS since its first days and has been of great service and help. He also does work with the White Crow Society and writes ghost stories. To learn more about Patrick check out the following links.

Patricks Home Page
Summary on Degree Work
Parapsychology Today Article