BY:  Steve Moreno
        Executive Direct

BRIEF: This report is of an incredible sighting which occurred, again within the local proximity of my home location, shortly before I went on Coast to Coast with James Gilliland on March 9th.

My Executive Assistant, Alan Wieblen, had taken a step outside to take a break, and a brief scan on the night sky. He observed a silent red pulsing slow moving object toward our location. Making sure what he was observing was not a conventional aircraft, he finally came in to get me.

I went outside with our Sony Nightcam and spot beam to attempt CE-5 signaling. Alan had signaled to the UFO while I positioned myself on our roof for better recording.  After he had signaled to the craft if stopped and hovered in one spot for aprox. 5 min.

It then began to pulsate a red light and slowly move again. This is an enhanced freeze-frame from the video clip when that action begin to occur. You can see the red pulsation off to the right of the craft.  This craft was totally silent as it hovered and slowly moved in a NE direction, at an estimated altitude of 1500', until it eventually disappeared from sight.

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