1. Crop Circle News - A close associate of ours runs the best source for the latest updated 
information occurring within the field.  Jeff Wilson is a regular contributor to this site.
2. CCCRN - Canadian Crop Circle Research Network - Our associates up north, which we
work closely with, collaborating in both research, data, and efforts. CCCRN was actively
involved in our live video teleconference broadcast from the Vacaville Formation.
3. The Crop Circular - Investigations and research conducted by one of our associates, Freddy
Silva, slices straight through the entire field taking all things into consideration, leading to
some of the most astounding and cutting edge correlations yet to be made within the field, 
creating possibilities that will require serious consideration by science.  Freddy Silva does a
most excellent job in breaking down complicated theories into novice terms that anyone can
understand. His recently published book 'Secrets in the Fields' is considered by many to be 
the 'BEST' covering the entire spectrum of the phenomenon.
4. B.L.T. Research Team Inc. - Our associate Nancy Talbott is probably one of the most noted
researchers in this field for having been a pioneer in carving the path of accepted scientific
documentation of authentic crop circles. There is no doubt she is a pivotal point in turning the
Crop Circle phenomenon around for serious consideration.  This site is packed with hard
science and the documentation that carved the path we are following today. Nancy has been
one of our main contributors supporting us with advice and guidance from the very beginning.
5. International Crop Circle Database - This work of acclaimed researcher Paul Vigay is an 
excellent source of data and pertinent stats on Crop Circles world wide throughout the years.
6. DCCCS - The Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies - This most excellent site headed by Dr.     Haselhoff totally underscores our work as well utilizing the L-NEAT Process as a method for documenting the authenticity of Crop Circles. Dr. Haselhoff's work is on a kindred path with
ours, as he takes the lead with layouts on his site allowing anyone to measure scanned
images of samples for themselves, in an experiment that shows the results attained by
everyone will show the same curve of significant changes in the affected crop. We look forward
to a future association and collaboration with Dr. Haselhoff.
7. CIRCLES PHENOMENON RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL - No link section on Cereology          would be complete without the work of the original and first researcher into the scene back on          day one, none other then Colin Andrews.  All one can say is his depth of knowledge and             experience with the phenomenon is incredible touching all aspects that are possibly involved.           This link is to the international organization that Colin formed for collaborative research.
Colin Adrews Crop Circle Research - This is Colin's more current and updated site                    containing his recent works.
8. Millennium ResearchThe original home page portraying the site and cutting edge work of
Ed & Kris Sherwood specializing in the documentation and research of associated luminous
light forms in and around crop circles.
Crop Circle Answers.Com - The latest and current site for Ed & Kris Sherwood's work. 
There is no doubt this research takes the lead in focusing on what the science is behind these     BOL's and other associated luminous light forms and what there connection is to the Crop    Circle enigma, as well as attempting to determine what is the type and level of 'intelligence'
that may be behind this anomalous light forms, and where it originates from.  This has a
particular draw of interest for Psi APPLICATIONS' Mt. Adams/James Gilliland Case File,
whereby we have acquired upwards of 20 hours of digitized video footage of this type of BOL
9. Music of the spheres, Interview with Gerald S. Hawkins by Monte Leach
10.  The Creation of Crop Circle Pictograms
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